OTK Spanking That Hurts!

I realize I’ve been remiss in recent months by failing to post sufficient pics of the good old fashioned OTK spankings that are central to many peoples’ spanking kinks and practices. So here’s one from Spanked Cutie.

otk spanking

However, even if your personal bedroom spankings are often friendly and fun, it’s worth remembering that properly delivered, as in this gallery, they can still really hurt:

spanked otk girl in pain

  1. Goddess with a Whip commented on September 18th, 2007:

    Now, it does appear from the gallery that the facial close-up you’re posting here was the result of some sort of footwear implement. So… is this grimace truly the result of a hand spanking? I think not. :)

  2. Z commented on September 18th, 2007:

    Wish my husband knew that. ;-)

  3. SpankBoss commented on September 18th, 2007:

    Goddess, what, I get no creative license whatsoever? Sheesh! I’m tempted to point out that your inference rests entirely upon the assumption that the porn gallery arranges the photographs in the order taken — a perilous assumption at best. But that would be almost as pedantic as … well … oh, never mind. ;-)

    Z, do you wish that because if he did, he’d give you more of them, and cane you less? {snicker}

  4. Al commented on February 25th, 2008:

    This is one of my favourite spanking models. Her posture, expression and protests are spot on.

  5. Brattobespanked commented on June 10th, 2008:

    She is good. I know exactly how she feels

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