Caning The Girls

Ah, Janus, that most venerable of spanking magazines. Here’s a school caning story (found at A Taste of The Birch [no longer there, link removed]) in which a lucky young man is privileged to witness the vigorous caning of two attractive female classmates. It’s all the sweeter for the justice of the affair, as they had striven most foully to see him caned in just such a fashion, for no better reason than spite:

“Touch your toes girl!”

She was indeed making a fuss, but the Head was certainly on form. He was whacking that yard of swishy rattan down with a vengeance onto a tender target that I guessed had never even been spanked before. Hesitantly Diane bent forward.

“Skirt!”. This time Mr.Thomas made her reach back to flip her own short skirt to the small of her back. How I wished I could have seen the two raised red stripes that must have been adorning that pretty posterior. Her knees were bent this time and she appeared to be trying to lower her bottom out of range.

“Straighten those legs. Now!”

They straightened. Her trembling fingertips stretching to reach her toes.

“If you get up again, Miss Bennett, or if I have to remind you once more of the required position to take a caning, I will get Robertson to hold your hands tightly and put you across the desk for the remaining strokes!”

Oh God, no! I thought. She’ll be bound to detect my excitement – my sweaty hands, my shaking fingers, maybe even see my stiffie…but then there will be the thrill of staring into her eyes as the cane bites and watching the pained contortions on her sexy face.

Tap, tap, tap…SWISH! THWACK! Another squeal after the explosion of sound but the Head’s threat had worked because, although her fingers left her toes and her knees sagged slightly, she did more or less maintain her undignified, submissive position. Within seconds she had regained her posture, even though she was making high-pitched moaning sounds which aroused me considerably.

Tap, tap, tap…SWISH! THWACK!

This time a shrill shriek and a frantic rubbing together of thighs, mobilising her scorched rear into a very erotic side to side wiggle. Her hands made white-knuckled fists then slowly straightened out again. Now she grasped her ankles firmly and braced back her legs.

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