Spanked And Dumped Into The Mud

Another spanking scene from a long-forgotten novel, namely, Theirs Was The Kingdom by one R.F. Delderfield:

“You damned little fool!” he shouted. “That water was deep and you can’t swim a stroke! Don’t you ever use your head, except as a post for silly hats?”

She was half-lying in the two or three inches of water they had shipped and her expression, as she raised her head and stared up at him, with her mouth open and her three-storey-and-basement hat half toppled, would have struck him as comical had he not realised how near she had come to over-setting them in a deep and turbulent patch of water. She said, rising to her knees, “How dare you swear at me! Nobody swore at me before!” And to his extreme irritation, she slapped him across the face with her wet glove.

It was not really a case of consciously following Sir Clive’s hint. The exasperation of months went into his reflex action he threw himself forward grabbed her by the waist, threw her half across his knee, and began to spank her so soundly that her struggles rolled them half out of the boat. Then he loosed his hold of her, so that she pitched half in and half out of shallows where, despite the dry spell, there was still mud in hoof sockets left by the cattle.

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