Quietest Spanking Implement

From Punishment Book:

M has decided that he needs to spank me as close in time to my transgressions as possible. Which means, given my living quarters, that we need a very quiet implement.

Sigh. Show of hands: does anyone know what the quietest spanking implement in the world is?

A wire coat hanger.

That’s right. It hurts like hell but is almost completely silent.

That should do it, all right. Though really, a slim rattan cane is almost as quiet, and I should think it would be a bit more controllable.

  1. Terry commented on August 13th, 2007:

    I’ve used both the wire coat hanger and the swishy rattan school cane, and in fact I find the former much easier to control. You don’t untwist the neck of the hanger and open it out straight; instead, you simply take it in hand as is, grasping one “shoulder” area and flattening it down a bit. You strike with the cross-member from which trousers can be hung. It imparts quite a surprising sting. I haven’t used it in years, however–I very much prefer the cane for reasons of tradition and the apprehension one can create by slashing the air preliminarily. I also take great pleasure from a lot of prefatory tap-tap-tapping of the fanny before each canestroke.

  2. DM commented on August 14th, 2007:

    So, how does one spank at home without scandalizing the neighbors, in general?

    I’ve been using a wire coat hanger for self-spanking because of its quietness, but I don’t like the feel of it. Any other quiet household objects?


  3. Eric Carwardine commented on August 14th, 2007:

    G’day, folks;

    Thin rattan (8 millimetre diameter) or less unfortunately also tends to be light rattan. An administrator may try to compensate for this lightness by increasing the speed – and hence the force – of the strokes. Perhaps surprisingly, very little is gained by this increased vigour; there appears to be a very definite plateau to the force (X axis) versus ‘effectiveness’ (Y axis) graph.

    One remedy is to use a cane made from the much denser synthetic materials, such as lexan, delrin, nylon, polyethylene, and even teflon. 32 inches of 6 millimetre diameter lexan or delrin (‘Lethal Lexan’, ‘Deadly Delrin’) more than compensates for the lower density of rattan. But do make sure you round the ‘business end’ into a nice smooth hemisperical dome, otherwise your caning room may come to resemble an abattoir. And heatshrink tubing makes a comfortable handgrip on a narrow rod.

    “In Perth there lives a lass
    who likes lexan on her ass.
    Whenever she hears
    the swish of the plastic
    she shouts “That’s friggin’ fantastic!”

  4. Curious monkey commented on August 17th, 2007:

    Electric cord? USB cable? RF cable? Wow, there is also an awesome coaxial. You’ve got to love those techies…

  5. Rick M. commented on August 18th, 2007:

    I was happy to see someone else mention the extension cord. It sounds so severe to people but they can be used to great effect with amazing control and they are absolutely silent (not counting the squeals they elicit from the victim). You can choose the thickness of the cord, use a double wire cord like an A/C extension cord or a single wire like a USB cord or the last part of a laptop power cord. You can vary the length of the doubled-up section you leave loose coming out of your hand (wrapping the rest around your wrist for additional control) and of course you can control how hard you swing it. Aim is almost perfectly controllable as well.

    I’ve been using it for many years, it imparts fantastic marks even when the sting is quite mild but when severe punishment is required it can do the job like few other impliments. And, because it seems so severe it has a great psychological value too. The threat of being whipped with “the cord” makes my little girl shrink to about 7 yrs old inside.

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