Whipping In The Classics

The nun whipping below reminded me of the Marquis de Sade, with all his penchant for debauched monks. So I thought an excerpt from Justine might be in order, complete with birching, breast spanking, and pussy whipping. Thankfully not one of the Marquis’ bloodier pieces, but fair warning, he didn’t seem to consider it flagellation unless there was a little bit of blood, so don’t read this if that squicks you:

The monster’s tooth-marks are soon printed upon the lovely girl’s flesh; they are to be seen in a number of places; brusquely wheeling upon me: “Therese,” he says, “you are going to suffer cruelly.” He had no need to tell me so, for his eyes declared it but too emphatically.

“You are going to be lashed everywhere,” he continues, “everywhere, without exception,” and as he spoke he again laid hands upon my breasts and mauled them brutally, he bruised their extremities with his fingertips and occasioned me very sharp pain; I dared not say a word for fear of irritating him yet more, but sweat bathed my forehead and, willy-nilly, my eyes filled with tears; he turns me about, makes me kneel on the edge of a chair upon whose back I must keep my hands without removing them for a single instant; he promises to inflict the gravest penalties upon me if I lift them; seeing me ready and well within range, he orders Armande to fetch him some birch rods, she presents him with a handful, slender and long; Clement snatches them, and recommending that I not stir, he opens with a score of stripes upon my shoulders and the small of my back; he leaves me for an instant, returns to Armande, brings her back, she too is made to kneel upon a chair six feet from where I am; he declares he is going to flog us simultaneously and the first of the two to release her grip, utter a cry, or shed a tear will be exposed on the spot to whatever torture he is pleased to inflict: he bestows the same number of strokes upon Armande he has just given me, and positively upon the identical places, he returns to me, kisses everything he has just left off molesting, and raising his sticks, says to me, “Steady, little slut, you are going to be used like the last of the damned.”

Whereupon I receive fifty strokes, all of them directed between the region bordered by the shoulders and the small of the back. He dashes to my comrade and treats her likewise: we pronounce not a word; nothing may be heard but a few stifled groans, we have enough strength to hold back our tears. There was no indication as to what degree the monk’s passions were inflamed; he periodically excited himself briskly, but nothing rose.

Returning now to me, he spent a moment eyeing those two fatty globes then still intact but about to undergo torture in their turn; he handled them, he could not prevent himself from prying them apart, tickling them, kissing them another thousand times. “Well,” said he, “be courageous…” and a hail of blows descended upon these masses, lacerating them to the thighs. Extremely animated by the starts, the leaps, the grinding of teeth, the contortions the pain drew from me, examining them, battening upon them rapturously, he comes and expresses, upon my mouth which he kisses with fervor, the sensations agitating him…. “This girl entertains me,” he cries, “I have never flogged another with as much pleasure,” and he goes back to his niece whom he treats with the same barbarity; there remained the space between the upper thigh and the calves and this he struck with identical vehemence: first the one of us, then the other.

“Ha!” he said, now approaching me, “let’s change hands and visit this place here”; now wielding a cat-o’-nine-tails he gives me twenty cuts from the middle of my belly to the bottom of my thighs; then wrenching them apart, he slashed at the interior of the lair my position bares to his whip. “There it is,” says he, “the bird I am going to pluck”: several thongs having, through the precautions he had taken, penetrated very deep, I could not suppress my screams. “Well, well!” said the villain, “I must have found the sensitive area at last; steady there, calm yourself, we’ll visit it a little more thoroughly”; however, his niece is put in the same posture and treated in the same manner; once again he reaches the most delicate region of a woman’s body; but whether through habit, or courage, or dread of incurring treatment yet worse, she has enough strength to master herself, and about her nothing is visible beyond a few shivers and spasmodic twitchings. However, there was by now a slight change in the libertine’s physical aspect, and although things were still lacking in substance, thanks to strokings and shakings a gradual improvement was being registered.

“On your knees,” the monk said to me, “I am going to whip your titties.”

“My titties, oh my Father!”

“Yes, those two lubricious masses which never excite me but I wish to use them thus,” and upon saying this, he squeezed them, he compressed them violently.

“Oh Father! They are so delicate! You will kill me!”

“No matter, my dear, provided I am satisfied,” and he applied five or six blows which, happily, I parried with my hands. Upon observing that, he binds them behind my back; nothing remains with which to implore his mercy but my countenance and my tears, for he has harshly ordered me to be silent. I strive to melt him… but in vain, he strikes out savagely at my now unprotected bosom; terrible bruises are immediately writ out in black and blue; blood appears as his battering continues, my suffering wrings tears from me, they fall upon the vestiges left by the monster’s rage, and render them, says he, yet a thousand times more interesting… he kisses those marks, he devours them and now and again returns to my mouth, to my eyes whose tears he licks up with lewd delight.

Armande takes her place, her hands are tied, she presents breasts of alabaster and the most beautiful roundness; Clement pretends to kiss them, but to bite them is what he wishes…. And then he lays on and that lovely flesh, so white, so plump, is soon nothing more in its butcher’s eyes but lacerations and bleeding stripes. “Wait one moment,” says the berserk monk, “I want to flog simultaneously the most beautiful of behinds and the softest of breasts.” He leaves me on my knees and, bringing Armande toward me, makes her stand facing me with her legs spread, in such a way that my mouth touches her womb and my breasts are exposed between her thighs and below her behind; by this means the monk has what he wants before him: Armande’s buttocks and my titties in close proximity: furiously he beats them both, but my companion, in order to spare me blows which are becoming far more dangerous for me than for her, has the goodness to lower herself and thus shield me by receiving upon her own person the lashes that would inevitably have wounded me.

Clement detects the trick and separates us: “She’ll gain nothing by that,” he fumes, “and if today I have the graciousness to spare that part of her, ’twill only be so as to molest some other at least as delicate.” As I rose I saw that all those infamies had not been in vain: the debauchee was in the most brilliant state; and it made him only the more furious; he changes weapons, opens a cabinet where several martinets are to be found and draws out one armed with iron tips. I fall to trembling. “There, Therese,” says he showing me the martinet, “you’ll see how delicious it is to be whipped with this… you’ll feel it, you’ll feel it, my rascal, but for the instant I prefer to use this other one…” It was composed of small knotted cords, twelve in all; at the end of each was a knot somewhat larger than the others, about the size of a plum pit.

“Come there! Up! The cavalcade!… the cavalcade!” says he to his niece; she, knowing what is meant, quickly gets down on all fours, her rump raised as high as possible, and tells me to imitate her; I do. Clement leaps upon my back, riding facing my rear; Armande, her own presented to him, finds herself directly ahead of Clement: the villain then discovering us both well within reach, furiously cuts at the charms we offer him; but, as this position obliges us to open as wide as possible that delicate part of ourselves which distinguishes our sex from men’s, the barbarian aims stinging blows in this direction: the whip’s long and supple strands, penetrating into the interior with much more facility than could withes or ferules, leave deep traces of his rage; now he strikes one, now his blows fly at the other; as skilled a horseman as he is an intrepid flagellator, he several times changes his mount; we are exhausted, and the pangs of pain are of such violence that it is almost impossible to bear them any longer. “Stand up,” he tells us, catching up the martinet again, “yes, get up and stand in fear of me!” His eyes glitter, foam flecks his lips like persons distracted, we run about the room, here, there, he follows after us, indiscriminately striking Armande, myself; the villain brings us to blood; at last he traps us both between the bed and the wall: the blows are redoubled: the unhappy Armande receives one upon the breast which staggers her, this last horror determines his ecstasy, and while my back is flailed by its cruel effects, my loins are flooded by the proofs of a delirium whose results are so dangerous.

  1. Brian commented on July 19th, 2017:

    A superb way to punish a wayward woman. The caning of cunt and tits is especially recommended

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