The Greatest Spanking Scene Ever Filmed

So says Valdor at The Spank Statement in his tribute to John Wayne. Of course, he’s talking about the spanking scene in Mclintock:

Spanking Maureen O\'Hara in McClintock

The entire film centers on the spanking given to Maureen O’Hara as G.W. Mclintock and his firebrand wife battle through their tempestuous relationship. Surely, in terms of production values and epic scale, this is the greatest spanking scene ever filmed.

The build up, as Wayne relentlessly stalks O’ Hara through the town, until eventually she has run out of delaying tactics and hiding places, is as erotically charged as any sex scene in the movies. During the chase O’ Hara gets stripped to her underwear and dunked in water. Finally, with the entire town looking on, G.W. drags his wife into a barn for her comeuppance.

The spanking begins with an upswell of background music. As the wallops commence, the camera cuts to the delighted faces of the witnesses, who almost seem to be in the throes of religious ecstasy.

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  1. JAM commented on June 2nd, 2007:

    this with out a doubt is my favorite john wayne movie. he spanked a lot of his leading ladies. always wondered what his hands would of felt like on my bottom. when every i see this movie i end up wet. lol jammin33333

  2. PaulH666 commented on June 2nd, 2007:

    Everybody always talks/writes about the number of spankings that John Wayne gave his leading ladies. But other than McClintock and Donovan’s Reef, I don’t remember any others. That is except for being given a switch, with no spanking, in The Quiet Man. Please if someone can tell me others I want to know the movies names.

  3. Bob commented on June 3rd, 2007:

    A woman needs a good spanking once in a while. It’s too bad John Wayne didn’t spank her on her bare fanny. That would have been even better to see.

  4. Dave commented on June 4th, 2007:

    That’s a classic, iconic image for sure. Amazingly, I have yet to see this film….

  5. Paddy P commented on June 10th, 2007:

    O’Hara and my late mother were good friends for over 30 years and she told her more than once that in this scene “What you see is what you get”. It seems it was a once off take and to get it just right Wayne actually spanked her hence you will see the look of total disbalief as he tells her just what’s going on.
    True story

    Paddy P.

  6. Lentimano commented on February 15th, 2008:

    My son’s had Turner Classics’ series of wall-to-wall Oscar movies tuned in as background accompaniment to our painting the house this month. In ‘Meet John Doe’ there’s an extended scene in which Gary Cooper describes to Barbara Stanwyck a dream he’s had in which he breaks up her wedding to one of the movie’s bad guys. He’s himself coming to rescue her, and he’s also the JP conducting the ceremony, and they take turns–smack!–spanking her, I suppose to shake her off her mistaken path. Throughout this description, Stanwyck is moving nervously around the room they’re in, clearly thinking, “Omigod, this guy really is nuts,” or “So grab me already and pull up my skirt, ya big lunk ya!”

    The frequency of adult spanking scenes (or threats of spanking) in old movies seems like an accommodation to the Hays Code or whatever censorship was in place: if the script called for a man to declare his sexual interest in a woman, he’d haul her across his knee and start whacking away at her. Much easier and more acceptable to stage than a rape scene, with the addition of a touch of humor (except for the gal on the receiving end of the touch).

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