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Ed Lee, the evil genius behind the venerable Nu-West / Leda spanking porn empire, has begun to publish a memoir in the nature of a history of his companies. It’s an interesting read by a courageous man:

Nothing had really changed legally when I started Nu-West, and I was warned by everybody and his brother that I would be in trouble with the law if I dared to disseminate photos or real spankings or even fake spanking that looked real. That didn’t sit very well with me. I had done two tours in Vietnam and after what the government did to us there, I didn’t have too much respect for it or its moral standards. If Newsweek Magazine could run a front page picture of a little Vietnamese girl walking naked and crying after being napalmed. I sure as hell could show pictures of a half naked adult woman with a red ass.

I was determined not only to start a company that produced and disseminated photos of real spankings, but I would also do it openly. I wasn’t going to hide from anyone. This cost me a marriage and it caused the loss of a lot of friends who couldn’t understand why a respected and decorated First Sergeant of Marines could possibly go into such a shabby and dishonorable business. My answer to my Marine buddies who got on my case was, so it’s okay to kill other humans we don’t even know, like we did, but it’s not okay for me to produce picture of adults doing a little spanking? Fuck all of you.

Thanks to Adele Haze for the link.

  1. david murray commented on May 20th, 2007:

    Wow! I have total respect for Ed Lee for that. He has confronted head-on the issue of why SM (including CP, or whatever – pleasure in pain) has for so long been such taboo.

    I’m of a generation which spent some time (leastways some of us did) dissing the likes of Ed as ‘baby killers’ (BTW, I am a Brit with now no time for anti-Americanism). If I do as much for my values as Ed did for his, then I will be a happy bunny.

    I have not read anything which so well expresses the bizarre (an inadequte characterisation, but will do for now) nature of a world built on non-consensul violence and exploitation (BTW, I’m a a marxist) which in its offical pronuncements demonised consensul SM.

    A very rough first sketch is that SM shows that power is sexy, that domination is sexy and that is felt to be subversive. So – of course – this subversive nature of SM is now vastly less than it once was … which makes the issue more complex.

    Ed …. you rock !!!!!!

  2. Tom Lemon commented on May 21st, 2007:

    Totally concur with the prior poster. I whooped and laughed reading Ed Lee’s “Fuck all of you” comment. Right on!

  3. Ms. Eisanna Eiger commented on May 21st, 2007:

    I found part of this quoted on another site and I was so impressed with Mr. Lee’s statement I just had to come and comment. I will be adding this blog to links on mine.

    I know of the great personal and social sacrifices one makes to be an out professional kinkster….so right on Mr. Lee!!!

  4. David commented on May 21st, 2007:

    I agree with that other David, above. Well, I’m no marxist, but all of the other philosophical points and ironies he expresses, I’m down with them.

    Always enjoyed Ed Lee’s stuff. Thanks, SpankBoss, for alerting me/us to this!

  5. Jennifer Brooks commented on May 28th, 2007:

    Ed Lee was doing what no one else had the nerve to do, at a time when it was frowned upon big time by the government. People placing orders had to sign sworn statements they were over 18 (old timers still do this now, LOL, they were well trained by Nu West!)
    There could be nothing sexual in the videos, for fear of going to jail.
    That guy had balls :)
    He also spanks really hard, I know, he spanked me (and not just on camera, but off camera too, ouch!)
    Jennifer Brooks

  6. Eric_S commented on May 31st, 2007:

    Right on, Ed Lee!

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