Furry Spanking

Fox spanks a fox, kid’s book fashion. I believe the illustrator is Tony Wolf, who drew a lot of critters like this for the “Woodland Folk” series of books :

furry critter spankings

  1. Sue commented on May 10th, 2007:

    Even as a very young child I was a spanko. I know this because I had a Mother Goose children’s book. The illustration of “The Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe” had her whipping the bare bottoms of the children with a bundle of birch. I would stare at those rosy bare bottoms for hours, and sometimes imagine myself as one of the children waiting my turn lol.

  2. calliope commented on May 24th, 2007:

    You did too! So did I! I looked in ALL the Mother Goose books in the library as a kid just for that reason. With a bit of luck you could also find spanking shown in “Tom, Tom, the pipers son, stole a pig and away he run. The pig got eat and Tom got beat, and he went crying down the street”, as well as “Little Polly Flinders, sat among the cinders, warming her pretty little toes; Her mother came and caught her and whipped her little daughter for spoiling her nice new clothes”. Then I discovered Tom Sawyer and the Little House in the Big Woods series of books…


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