Lust Letter

Amber writes the prettiest lust letters to her husband:

You, you, and only you I want to grasp me firmly, handle me forcefully, striking me liberally and hard as you do with your new thick, heavy, sturdy embroidered leather paddle, causing each line of the design bite into my flesh, the strength of your blows taking me by surprise each and every time, shocking, taking my breath away, reducing me to a screaming, gasping, soaking embodiment of lust for you and the pain you can inflict.

I long for you to punish me thoroughly, uncompromisingly. I know that you will be admiring your handiwork and my reaction to it, checking me for inevitable wetness after especially hard strokes, sticking your fingers into the hungry mouth between my legs, hitting even harder next time, delighting in the directly proportional relationship between the intensity of the agony you subject me to and the pleasure it, paradoxically, brings. I wish for you to allow me to rub myself, as you cause me increasingly more and more pain, until I come loudly, a triumph to your mastery as a lover and a dominant.

And after I thus come, I crave for you to take me and fuck me roughly, from behind, holding me by my shoulders, or in any other way you like, really, thrusting into me again and again, until we both break into sweat.

Whew, is it just me or did it suddenly get warm in here?

  1. Amy commented on May 1st, 2007:

    No, it’s not you…got quite wet in here too! :)

  2. SpankedTeacher commented on May 1st, 2007:

    It’s not just you. :D Wow…could I have what she’s having?

  3. Amber commented on May 1st, 2007:

    Thanks, Dan. It’s very sweet of you to quote my blog.

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