How Not To Spank

Anna tells of a sex spanking misadventure:

There was a boy in my bed. He was tired, but I was ready for some action. We had already fucked earlier, but I pride myself on being insatiable.

“Fine, fine,” he relented, “but only if you do all of the work.”

I reached for a condom and handed it to him. He rolled it on his cock.

“Hop on,” he told me.

I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his waiting cock. I rode him lazily, until he got more excited. As I ground my clit into his pubic hair, he began slapping my ass. I moaned and groaned until my orgasm broke, and I shuddered around his cock.

Sometime later he came too.

Where’s the funny part, you ask?

Well, as we lay there in our post, post-coital exhaustion, he said to me: “So, when I was spanking you, I accidentally hit my balls. Goddamn that hurt!”

I snorted with laughter and he reluctantly admitted that it was a pretty funny situation.

“I guess it did make me last longer,” he said.

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