She Likes “Pain”

If Bethie’s reaction to our suede flogger is anything to judge by (and it’s the data I’ve got), the impact of a suede flogger is more like erotic massage than anything approaching pain in the classic sense. And other accounts I read, like this one from Ramblings From An Insatiable Submissive, seem to reinforce that conclusion:

He had me so worked up that I was riding him and squirting so much that it was running down off his sides and onto the bed. The bed got quite wet needless to say! I also enjoyed a very long very wonderfully wet and fabulous pussy licking and finger fucking from him. Tom’s mouth works my clit over like a pianist works a piano. He gets me so fired up that I have a hard time coming down from it, even though I have cum multiple multiple times.

I told Tom he needed to hurt me. And he gave me that “you still want more look”. Last Friday Tom brought me a present. A very nice present. And so when I asked for some pain, he was moderately quick to jump up and go looking for my new flooger.

I laid face down on the bed and he started flogging me. He started off slowly and then began to hit me harder and harder. He made me cum 3 times before he stopped. And we fell asleep snuggled into each other.

  1. Bethie commented on March 28th, 2007:

    The suede flogger is yummy! Mmmmmm…honey, can we play with it soon, please????

  2. Tomscockwhore commented on April 9th, 2007:

    I am in love with my flogger. My only complaint is that it doesn’t get used enough!

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