Public Spanking, With Lots of Periods

I’m not sure about the writing style, especially the idea of using variable numbers of periods to denote pauses between ideas, but I suppose it creates a certain dreamy poeticism if you squint and look sideways. Anyway, here’s The Riverdale Goddess asking for, and getting, a public spanking:

Here I was watching this very sexy man… masterfully playing with the flickering tongue of a bullwhip with a twinkling eye on his lady’s bare back…with such precise artful skill and love. She writhed in sensation when HE allowed it to taste her skin beyond heating just the air on her aura. God…I wanted some of that…I wanted some of that NOW…in this moment….

“Please sir…will you play with me a while? Will you spank me?”

And with that…Man in Kilt with a white handlebar mustache went and got a spanking bench…..and bent me over it. I was slightly aware that Beth was near me….I tried to forget that…it was a little weird being in such a erotic place with her there…I was so engaged with this man….I was in a place of dancing… a place of opening….in a place of receiving………

He lowered my pants…and I was stretched out over this spanking bench…my fingers rested on the floor…and my bottom was high in the air….I felt like playing with him…being sexy for me and for him..and for who ever!! I wiggled my ass…and he started to play with my paddle on my body…he knew just how to start…soft and sexy….gentle and loving….he filled my ears with wispered words about how sexy my ass was…and how beautiful I was…and how he was going to take good care of me….and the spanking grew more intense…and I moved deeper into this place of an altered state….and soon I was moaning…”Keep wiggling that ass…I like it when you ask…and when you wiggle for me…” he said that so softly that I could barely hear him…..”Yes…sir…”

“Now you will receive 20..they will be strong.”

20??? I knew where we were going…I had gone there with Brian…..and that was a very intense 10…I was really not sure about 20. But I was familiar with this ride…so I keep my breath…and I counted for the Man in a Kilt. The spanks were deep and hard…I may have been loud in my receiving….he played and touched my bottom in between…but he keep a steady pace…..and I was in a tango of sensation by the time we hit 20.

  1. Shaquanna commented on March 12th, 2007:

    Ah come on….( LOL!!!) her stuff is REALLY good and REALLY hot!!! So what if she uses…..alot of……
    dot dot dots!!! I am totally addicted to this blog!!! And it is NOT FICTION!!! ATTA GIRL Riverdale Goddess!!!
    I want to be you!!!

  2. Kate commented on March 12th, 2007:

    Thank you for posting my blog about my adventures with The Man in a Kilt!!!
    It was so sexy even if you look at it sideways, upside down, and backwards!!! Too funny!! I will try to use less….in the future….or maybe I will be naughty….you know…… what happens…… to naughty…..girls….don’t you?
    Thanks again for reading and posting my real life adventures!!!
    The Riverdale Goddess

  3. kuhn commented on March 13th, 2007:

    … is an ellipsis, NOT three periods.

    Please beg me for punishment and suggest a number of spanks, if you suggest to low, I will multiply your punishment by a factor of up to ten.

  4. SpankBoss commented on March 13th, 2007:

    Kuhn, you’re the one who should beg for punishment. Pedantry is always punishable, especially when it’s wrong or misplaced. Unfortunately, in my experience pedants rarely have cute bottoms.

    Riverdale Goddess doesn’t use ellipses, except perhaps by accident. She does, indeed, use “variable numbers” of periods, which number sometimes happens to be three. (On those occasions, WordPress converts her three periods into the similar-looking ellipsis, but that’s not exactly the same thing. If she was aiming to use elipses, she’d have hit the target more often.)

  5. Kate commented on March 13th, 2007:

    Dear Kuhn,
    Recently I got a spank for every piece of silver glitter that was on my bottom. Do you think that would be enough for you!!
    You boys are spending way too much time on my writing style! LOL! Check out instead, my latest visit to Paddles NYC!

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