Disco Spankings

James Stephenson has used some initiative in web surfing for fun spanking photos. And he’s found coeds in schoolgirl costumes at English disco parties:

college girl getting caned at a disco party

He writes:

For some time now, people on blogs like this have been hunting out pictures of interest on the standard websites for sharing photographs by searching for things like birthday spankings. I love those pictures just because they’re ordinary people who, in most cases, probably wouldn’t regard themselves as having a spanking kink. The three pictures below come from a source I’m just starting to explore and haven’t seen used elsewhere as yet – university students’ unions.

Generally speaking you go to the university homepage – from there find a section concerned with students and there’s usually a link to a website for the Students Union (in some cases ‘Guild’). Most commonly then you find a section called Entertainment (sometimes ‘Ents’) and within that galleries.

[These] images are taken from UK University Students’ Union websites for School Disco themed events which seem a useful source of interesting shots.

Isn’t this a pair of cuties?

college girls laughing and spanking at disco party

  1. Aunty Agony commented on February 23rd, 2007:

    SpankBoss, I am so pleased you found James’ site. I feel his blog has a lot of potential – especially given his history of writing excellent spanking fiction. Naturally, a link from you means a lot of people will get the opportunity to explore his new site. But then, that is what you do best – introduce spanko people to great new resources, while helping bloggers reach an audience they could once only dream about. I wonder if your readers know how much you do for the “spanking blogosphere?”

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