Bethie’s New Hairbrush

You should all go bother Bethie until she tells you about her new hairbrush and her new razor strop.

Y’see, for a long, complicated, and boring, yet enormously frustrating, chain of reasons, her bottom has been getting neglected an awful lot this winter. And she’s compensated by buying toys. On eBay, I guess. Toys that seem — before she gets them — mild and gentle.

Yesterday she oh-so-casually showed me her new hairbrush. It was light, and the handle too short for my large hands, and I wasn’t very impressed. But I grabbed her and yanked down her pants for a quick field test, and darned if she didn’t start leaping about and yelling and carrying on like I’d started whipping her with a sock full of fire ants. Since she wasn’t staying put, I had to throw her over the high arm of the couch (where she can flail her arms and legs without her bottom moving much) for more extensive testing, and lordy! the complaining and protesting I got! I swear, I’ve gotten less reaction from straps that would make a Georgia prison warden look over his shoulder for witnesses.

She immediately began explaining her plans to get rid of the thing, so of course I had to forbid that.

And then, not two hours later, she came into the bedroom to “show me” the razor strop she bought (“it was cheap”, yah sure) on eBay. Three minutes later she was yelling and protesting and complaining that it wasn’t anywhere near as soft and friendly as it looked in the picture.

Oh yeah, and make her show you the excellent paddles she bought at Hobby Lobby or one of them craft stores like that. She’s got a fancy digital camera, so accept no excuses.

  1. Spanking Bethie » A Greedy Bottom Went Shopping… commented on February 14th, 2007:

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  2. kaya commented on February 14th, 2007:

    “whipping her with a sock full of fire ants”

    I wonder how that feels. Do they sell those on ebay??

  3. SpankBoss commented on February 14th, 2007:

    LOL, no, I think it’s like fresh nettles, you have to harvest ’em yourself.

  4. Haron Loves The Hairbrush - Spanking Blog commented on March 8th, 2011:

    […] first hairbrush spanking fun I had was in 2008, when Bethie got a hairbrush that made her leap and squirm. But it didn’t really fit my hand — the handle was too […]

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