The Wand Or The Crop?

Eva has a deep philosophical post up about that ancient and notorious philosophical quandry known as the mind-buttocks duality:

After that we went to bed.

I really wasn’t in the mood but I knew I could probably be persuaded… especially if he got the Hitachi out for me to play with.

Things were progressing nicely when he stretched across the bed and reached under it. We keep two items there.

The Hitachi.

And the crop.

While my mind was thinking “Please oh please let it be the Hitachi” my butt was thinking “No way, dude. We want (yes we.. there’s two of them back there, yes?) the crop.”

My butt won. It was the crop.

It was also the best spanking I’ve ever had. Aren’t they all? Hehehehe…. He really nailed me with some fast, hard strokes. And when he entered me from behind he continued the spanking. That’s the best. The absolute best.

Given the inherent difficulty of transcribing internal conversations, we shall pass lightly over the apparent fact that Eva’s buttocks address her mind as “dude”.

  1. Amber commented on February 3rd, 2007:

    I am sorry, what’s Hitachi? Don’t tell me it’s a wand that gives you a shock. I am a really electrical person for some reason – must be all the wool you wear this time a year in the Upper Midwest, and and I keep getting very mild shocks one third of the time I touch metal or people. I once got snapped by the electric fence, too, so I am passing anything that gives you a shock for the purposes of titillation.

  2. SpankBoss commented on February 3rd, 2007:

    I believe she’s talking about the Hitachi Magic Wand, probably the most famous vibrator in America. It’s positioned as a “personal massager” so it can be sold in every corner drug store, and it’s famous for its high powered vibrations and ability to give a swift orgasm to just about any women. (Seriously, it’s what sex therapists tend to recommend to women who’ve never had an orgasm and don’t know how.)

  3. Amber commented on February 3rd, 2007:

    Mmm, forgive me my innocence, I’ve never used a vibrator – my fingers and my husband do just as well :).

  4. officerswife commented on February 4th, 2007:

    ” Eva’s buttocks address her mind as “dude”. ” That got me laughing out loud! Thanks

  5. Robeach commented on February 8th, 2007:

    Eva makes an interesting point. We switch on occasion. When she is taking a belt to me, I find myself getting into it, pushing out my butt further. As a guy, I somehow need the discipline, I need hard strokes to push me over the edge.

    As I have said before, she has learned to forego the warmup, gets right into it.

  6. Joy commented on February 11th, 2007:

    I love my Hitachi magic wand even after the “accident” I had with it. One night I came home incredibly intoxicated and forgot to switch it off before passing out in the bed. Apparantly it stayed on, making contact with my inner thigh for a long period of time. I wasn’t aware of any of this until I woke up the next day with 2nd degree burns on my thigh, which proceeded to get infected over the course of the next week. My whole inner thigh turned black and oozy. I ended up having to go to my family physician for antibiotics. I told him I had burned myself with an “appliance”. For some folks this might be embarrassing, but for the story to tell I found it all incredibly worth it. I’m the only girl I know with a vibrator scar!


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