Dolli’s First Paddle

There’s nothing unpredictable about this story, but it’s still fun. I purely love that first moment of outraged shock when a girl discovers that a new implement she’s been secretly wanting actually hurts:

We spent a couple of days visiting friends. I was a good girl while we were away, but I really wanted to stay at our friends yesterday longer than D was going to allow so I was upset in the car on the way home. I pouted and I didn’t want to talk in the car. D kept saying he was going to get a paddle soon and keep it around “for when you’re a bad girl like right now!”. I really didn’t think he meant so soon beause the second we got back around home we ran a few errands and he took me to get one.

We went to the store and D took me right up to this wall with paddles hanging on it. He looked around and picked the one I had to get. Then he walked up to the register and said that I had to get the paddle off the wall and bring it to him and the lady at the register. Which, was not fun!

The paddle is leather…and a little flexible. IT STINGS!!!

From Dolli Be Good.

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