The Fuller Brush Man

I could swear I’d blogged this picture before, but I can’t find it, so perhaps not. It’s a still from The Fuller Brush Man featuring Red Skelton spanking Janet Blair:

spankings for Janet Blair in The Fuller Brush Man

I’m looking at that exaggerated oversized hairbrush thinking “Where can I get one?”

Sadly, I imagine that’s actually a Hollywood prop and not authentic Fuller Brush product anyway.

That did lead to a related musing, however. Those door-to-door brush salesmen were legendary for their willingness to say anything that would make a sale. I wonder whether, in the odd event that they encountered the man of the house, they ever made any sales by hinting, implying, or outright suggesting that a Fuller brush would be ideal for administering much-needed spankings?

Taking it up a level for all you kinky women who look both ways in the health-and-beauty-aids aisle before smacking a hairbrush into the palm of your hand to test it: Do you suppose there were Fuller Brush men who managed — knowingly — to sell brushes to women who were hoping and imagining that the brushes would be used on their bottoms?

  1. Dan Duffy commented on January 24th, 2007:

    SpankBoss you may be responsible for starting a whole new market for ridiculously oversized hairbrushes. I want one too!

  2. SpankedTeacher commented on January 24th, 2007:

    that idea gives me fodder for a ridiculously funny new spanking story! :)

  3. jessica commented on January 27th, 2007:

    i remember seeing this movie on TV, and enjoyed it immensely! (Can you believe, they’re still discovering new uses for “memory plastic” even now? i saw something in the news recentlly about screwing broken bones together!) Skelton was always the perfect “bad boy,” and Janet Blair was such a sex kitten! Hmmm… door to door salesmen with hairbrushes… and vacuum cleaners… Yeah, i can imagine a few sales were successful because of a little tittilation, LOL!

    — jessicablank

  4. Philip K commented on February 2nd, 2007:

    Alas, that’s one of those dishonest Hollywood pics that used a spanking still to pull in the puntrers, but featured no such scene in the movie. ‘Father of the Bride’ was another one.

    I read a spanking story once – I think it may have been on the SIN site – with this very theme: a brush salesman who persuades an attractive but indecisive customer that one of his brushes is exactly what she needs – by showing her just where she needs it…. And there’s a pic on Mr EndArt’s site – beautifully drawn as ever – featuring a similar occurrence. I’d post it here if I could see how to do it.

  5. AC commented on February 11th, 2007:

    I think the photo you posted before was June Allyson getting a bare hand from Van Johnson in “Too Young To Kiss”. Or maybe it was Bacchus at Erosblog that posted that one. Anyway, very similar except, of course, for the brush.

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