Learning To Love The Cane

Back in November I posted a bit by Mistress Sky, who was just starting to learn to enjoy caning. Apparently the project is coming along nicely:

I asked if we could please use ALL the canes we own during sex magick/play yesterday. I explained that I do enjoy the light rat-tat-tat caning, to a certain extent, and that I wanted to feel the difference between the canes and their effects on my buttocks. So, I’m in control, I have asked for what I want and my Master has agreed. He knows perfectly well that I do not like canings, but he understands completely, my feminine logic!!

I wore my newest Teddy and hold-up stockings. I never prepare mentally in advance because it defeats the object and detracts from the whole experience… but I did gulp nervously when I saw all 4 of the ‘nasties’ laid side by side on the bed. Incense was burning, circle opened and candles lit: We came together for kissing and touching, foreplay, if you will, to relax and confirm our mutual desire before I gave up my self to him.

As I bent over the end of the bed, I tried to quiet my mind, for it is never truly still or empty. His palm connected with my flesh in the familiar way, lightly spanking each cheek as the first part of the warm-up. The latex (light) flogger followed, both swishing and strokes, which always sting a little as they wrap round me! Then, pulse racing, I see him pick up the small, thin, short whippy cane – which shall forever be NLB to me (Nasty Little Bamboo)!

Even the tiny, rapid, light strokes hurt. Ouch, ouch, I squirmed, but didn’t actually move. I was very relieved when he put that one down. Next came the slightly thicker bamboo. I managed a little better with this one – it still stung, but a little less than NLB, so this one I christened LNB (Less Nasty Bamboo). I was becoming very moist and my bum was pretty warm by now, only 2 more to go.

I’m not technically minded where canes are concerned, because I don’t like them (well I didn’t…) so I don’t really know what to call No.3. It’s light wood, straight and quite long compared to the bamboos. This one I enjoyed. I could feel the Raven getting into the rhythm and matching the intensity of the strokes to the feel of the cane. It’s definitely an art and he’s bloody good at it. I even asked for more and he obliged by repeating the light caning strokes and pattern of playing them all over my cheeks.

It just got better when I felt the first firm strokes of the large, heavy bamboo. They stroked me while they stung a bit too, but I felt myself drifting through my own mind and had to make an effort to pull back and ask for more (twice!). I was greedy, but to be honest, I was on such a high that I couldn’t have cared less. He was careful to bring me back down with the crop and the light flogger before we made love. I was rocked by the most intense orgasm, as was he and delighted by the whole experience.

  1. Donna commented on January 15th, 2007:

    Wonderful description! I’ve never had a desire to be caned but now I’m thinking it might be an interesting experience……………

  2. Reader Questions About Whips And Canes And Switching - Spanking Blog commented on October 20th, 2010:

    […] Learning To Love The Cane […]

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