Grumpy Girl Caned

From the way Spankable describes getting caned while positioned on her back with her legs held up toward her chest, it sounds like a position I should use more with Bethie:

I hadn’t actually remembered about the discipline, I just didn’t want to go to sleep without cuddling him first (like the night before). He came in, saw me reading lying naked on the bed, and fetched the cane before he even came over to cuddle me. Instantly he had my full attention and everything was quivering. I tried to hide it as usual, talking about the book and giving him a belated xmas present, but I think he saw it quite clearly in my eyes.

The caning was hard. He reduced me to shaking, anxious, helpless and tearful before even touching me, simply by putting me on my back for the caning. I really find that position hard, no matter how tightly I squeeze my legs together everything’s on display, and it’s a lot harder to hold position like that than it is lying on your front or bent over a chair. Plus, the first stroke was low down and hard, which as far as I was concerned was not an auspicious start. Somewhere around the third stroke or so I begged to break position, to stop, to rub, anything. I was crying and telling him how hard it was to be good, while simultaneously trying my damnedest. The strokes also hurt more than usual because the position pulled all everything tight, so the ‘inner’ bits of skin down along the cleft and right next to my cunt got the brunt of it, whereas those parts aren’t normally affected at all.

Afterwards I cuddled up against his chest, snuffled a few tears, whimpered quite a lot that my bottom hurt. We talked about how hard I found beatings in that position…, how the cane bit into different parts of me from usual, how hard it was to be good and not break position.

Then he put me back in position and gave me another three…

  1. Xemxija62 commented on January 8th, 2007:

    Varying the position used to discipline a sub is always a good idea. Alternate positions can bring the cane to greater effect to areas not usually attended to. The ‘diaper’ position here described also frequently makes her feel much more vulnerable and allows the disciplinarian to keep a close on her private areas that may begin to respond …

  2. Bethie commented on January 8th, 2007:

    We don’t do that much discipline around here, but for fun, it sounds like it could be an *interesting* position. ;-)

  3. SpankBoss commented on January 8th, 2007:

    LOL, that might have to change, I’ve been getting lax…

  4. Spanking Bethie » Look It’s The New Year! commented on January 8th, 2007:

    […] 4) Do more yoga. Maybe that doesn’t sound kinky at first, but if you knew some of the positions I find myself in, you might understand a little better. There’s nothing that puts a kink in the play like a muscle cramp at the wrong time. Besides, Dan wants to do more of those certain spanking positions that mean more positioning for me so I’d better get myself all limbered up for that. […]

  5. astrid commented on February 1st, 2007:

    my HOH and i have been into spanking for over a year and i highly recommend it as an addition to any relationship. i go through periods of depression and we have discovered that the cane and not the pills works wonders.
    We realized we needed some help and advise and found a very experienced “older” couple who spent time with us, coached and counseled.
    Our spankings have become more intense and less often for the obvious reason that i couldn’t physically tolerate them more than once a month. Love astrid and John

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