A Woman’s Spanking Fantasy

As a man, I find it’s always useful to get into spanko women’s heads to learn what they like and why they like it. For this purpose, enjoy a woman’s spanking fantasy from a random Myspace:

What pleases me? Good conversations and hugs please me. So does learning something new, playing a close game of cards or dominoes or pool, hearing a good groove or tasting delicious flavors. Like most women, I love surprise gifts… random affectionate acts like flowers or a sensual massage or a lunchtime call (or rendezvous). Sometimes it’s a caress or kiss, but sometimes I like to play like I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.

I don’t mean brutal punishment or physical harm, but someone to dominate me a little (ok, maybe a little more than that.) Get into my thoughts and find ways to stay there. Like a call late in the afternoon telling me to pull up my skirt, take my panties off and touch myself until I’m throbbing with desire… delaying my orgasm because I’ve been told to save it for you and knowing what I’m in for if I don’t wait to share it with you. Getting home and being tied to the bed… being teased by exploring hands, a warm, wet tongue or anything else you wish… squeezing me and spanking me until it really smarts (making me insanely hot) and making me beg for you to let me… um, damn… I need to stop… I don’t even know your name.

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