Playing In The Woods

I’ve always enjoyed playing in the woods, when Bethie and I can get deep enough into the trees to get away with it. Here’s a fun sample of that sort play from Pink Bottomed Girls:

Quickly, she was wrapping the long scarf first around the tree, and then me, and back around in front to secure my hands in front of me, arms around the tree. “Stay there, and don’t move, little slut,” she commanded, gripping my hair by my ponytail and jerking my head back to look in her eyes, and then let go and sashayed away, scanning the ground. She knows that degradation- to be called a little slut, a dirty whore- gets me off like nothing else- well, except perhaps hairpulling. My knees turned to jello, and I leaned into the tree. I knew she was looking for a branch to switch me with…

Soon, she found one, smirking as she prepared the fallen branch to meet my bottom. “You nasty little whore, tied to a tree in the middle of the woods… what if someone comes, you little slut, you?” I shivered as she came closer, wrapping her hand around my ponytail again, jerking my head back. “You dirty girl… whining about being too sore to hike far because you were fucked to hard by someone else the other night… and you want me to take pity? Spread those legs” she commanded, walking behind me and nudging one foot with hers. I got into a position so I was leaning against the tree, legs back, my bottom perfectly rounded and waiting. THWACK! Burning sensations on my thighs. THWACK! Again on my bottom.

“Please… please!” I whimpered, imagining hikers hearing my little moans of pain.

“Come on, slut,” she teased, “You can take much more than that. Ten more, and I want you to count. I’m going to punish your dirty nasty little slutty bottom.”

  1. Bethie commented on January 6th, 2007:

    Remember that time you switched me in the woods by your old home? I was sure someone was going to see us! Ahhh, good times.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 6th, 2007:

    LOL, there was nobody within a mile — and for some strange reason I don’t remember, I let you keep your pants on.

    Not that those tight jeans helped you much…

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