Pig Spanking

Even though it’s supposedly not supposed to be erotic, I can’t help but share this classic bit of spanking animation:

  1. Graeme commented on December 28th, 2006:

    Der de der..der..der thats all folks.

  2. SpankedTeacher commented on December 28th, 2006:

    That’s awesome. I love classic cartoons!

  3. KittySlave commented on December 28th, 2006:

    *laughing* Master is still looking for that machine. Although if we could just find an inexpensive paddle for us we’d be ok for now. But darnit, Master insists that spending money for gas to get to work is more important…my behind thanks my job! Especially as he wishes to invest in one with holes..ouchies!!!
    *laughing some more*

  4. Bob commented on December 28th, 2006:

    I remember that cartoon. No wonder I have a fetish.

  5. Oldguy commented on January 12th, 2007:

    I remember seeing it too. It must be pretty near 60 years ago, when I was still young enough to find spankings interesting regardless of the recipient’s gender.

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