Cane, Orgasm, Tears

From Master Fitz we get an account of how he caned his brat to many tears and orgasms:

I took brat by her lead and led her, still in chains, up to our bedroom. Once I’d swapped my leather cuffs for handcuffs and secured her to the bed, I played with her clit mercilessly, bringing her to such a huge climax that I swear her thrashings could have pulled the rungs right out of our pine headboard.

Then I flipped her over, inserted our largest dildo into her eager pussy and pumped it until she was on the verge of another orgasm. And then the spanking began. I swiftly set up a rhythmic pace, spanking each cheek in turn, reasonably lightly, intending that the repetetive stinging pressure would take her into the pleasure zone – which it did, with a couple of rests while I pumped the dildo into her until she came on it. After a couple of rests, and with her starting to come out with the odd “Ouch”, I increased the tempo, spanking hard and fast on each cheek repetetively – which I know brat finds incredibly uncomfortable.

Her breath started coming in ragged gasps and the “ouches” became more regular. Twice she used our “halfway house” safeword to give herself a break, during which I again pumped the dildo in and out of her gushing pussy, bringing her to a state of almost constant orgasm for the whole of her rest periods.

After maybe ten minutes of this rhythm, I realised to my disappointment that it would probably be beyond my strength to cause enough pain to make her cry with mere spanking, so I decided to switch to the cane.

My brat moaned with resignation when I told her, but as she was once again being fucked, it may have been something else.

I started lightly with the cane – not entirely sure why, I think it may have been some instinct that told me to probe her limits carefully, to not take her directly to whatever place in the serious spanko’s mind where the tears flow like water.

However, it seems that her well punished – an in fact already bruised – bottom wasn’t going to take much more and a few medium strength lashes had her weeping and begging for another rest. I reluctantly went back to hand spanking, but then had a revelation – a moment, it must be said, of clarity.

The reaction I’d seen in my brat when I caned her was exactly the reaction I wanted to see.

I stopped my ministrations with the dildo and informed her I would be going back to the cane and that we were so close to the climax of what we were trying to achieve…

I made her cum a couple more times, failing to leave the dildo inside her as by now she was so completely soaked that it wouldn’t stay put, then I starte in with the cane once more.

Within a couple of strokes I had her telling me it was really bad, then the tears started – and kept on coming.

Fighting with my desire not to hurt her too much, I kept on landing stroke after stroke, listening to her sobs, marvelling as they actually changed from light but strong weeping to deep gasping sobs as the blows kept landing. Eventually I let her rest, kissing her and reassuring her like I had for the last few rest stops. Then I tentatively began pumping the dildo again, wondering what her reaction would be.

The reaction was that she came again immediately, still in tears. I was blown away, and vastly encouraged. By this point, the leaked lubricant from her deeply filled pussy was coating the insides of her thighs maybe halfway to her knees.

  1. Master Fitz commented on November 7th, 2006:

    Thank you SB!

    T’was a great afternoon indeed for both of us!

  2. Tiggr commented on November 8th, 2006:

    I just love pushing limits… and reading about others who have done the same invariably gets me all worked up for such play between me and Dante…

    Out T-attitude spanking play was on the low end of limit-testing… crazy fun but I like really intense play to be just a bit more serious, for both of us… adds to the mood.

    But nothing like a good old fashioned caning to take one right up and over the top… bravo to brat and Fitz, and s glad to see that you’ve found this lovely pair! They are so much fun to watch!

    Hugs all around and TTFN,

  3. Kayley commented on November 8th, 2006:

    Master Fitz and brat have a wonderful D/s relationship! Reading their real life adventures is more than fun: it’s inspiring!

    Well done, guys! :) You two are a hot couple!


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