The Cane On Oiled Skin

I don’t know what effect a good coating of oil has on the feel of a caning. Anybody out there with first-hand experience? But I imagine that oily skin, like wet skin, would intensify the effects. Certainly in these movie clips from Sex And Submission, the young lady bent back over the rack/wheel contraption seems to be having an intense experience:

oiled girl ready for a breast caning

greasy bondage girl getting a breast caning

  1. Tiggr commented on November 5th, 2006:

    My beloved uses oily, greast lotion, in big heaping quantities sometimes to intensify the effects of a good hard strapping or caning…

    yeah, “intensify” is definitely the right word. Adds lots more sting, makes it feel as ig you’re being cut in two… but may even leave less impressive marks.

    That belly caning doesn’t look fun at all… but then, I have a VERY sensitive belly. Pretty much everything else is fair game…

    Hugs to you and the ever busy Betthie!

  2. Eric Carwardine commented on November 6th, 2006:

    G’day :-)

    Oil, I find, is just too messy. It tends to get on the palms of your hands, on the cane-handle, and other inconvenient places. Perhaps I’m just a messy worker :-) Also, a layer of oil on the skin seems to act as a lubricant, substantially reducing the pain of a stroke. I now use a good quality skin-care lotion, massaged *well* into the buttocks. Applied in this fashion it appears to almost ‘glue’ the cane to the skin. My partner can’t detect any change in pain level but it certainly enhances the visual appeal of the weals! :-) But see my article [link deleted — no links in comments please].

  3. Aunty Agony commented on November 7th, 2006:

    I usually prefer canings administered across someone’s bare bottom. But, I must say, this looks really hot. Love the aesthetic effect of all that oil, too.

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