He’s Not Into Spanking

Like heck he’s not:

What happened on Friday was funny. When I put on the schoolgirl uniform, to take the pictures, I had nothing on my mind, except for the pics, like I said. But after I checked them on my computer, Jack started turning off half of the lights in the house and covering the windows. Now, if Jack does that, you know what’s coming…

Fast forwarding…

My panties came down. I was again wearing some thin stupid stuff – I am so dumb! He slapped some more, making me turn left and right, but my hands never left the bed. Then I heard the swish, and his belt came out of his belt loops.

I got ten hard ones. He counted them and had to repeat a couple of strokes, because I was jumping forwards a bit too much – even if after each stroke, I was bringing my butt back for another stroke.

He explained to me calmly that he wasn’t interested in my butt being out of reach, but being presented for his belt in the correct position. He adjusted my position: “This is what I want. Not there, not here, but right *here*. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir.” “Besides, why do you tense? You said the belt doesn’t hurt, right?” “Yes… but this is different!” Of course it was. I thought it wouldn’t hurt… as usual, I was wrong! But ten finished.

And he went to get the hairbrush. That thing stings! He covered my bum all around with it. He loves catching both cheeks with one hit. He said that. I witnessed it.

When the spanking was done and I was sore, he went for sex. He was damn hard! And he says spanking is not his thing? For God’s sake! If it’s not his thing, why was his gun so fucking loaded?

Good question!

From Brat Under Control.

  1. Kayley commented on November 3rd, 2006:

    *starring at her site counter* SpankBoss, what did you do to it? ;) I’m gone for a bit and when I come back… I told Jack I must have gotten the Oscar or something! Actually, this is pretty close to that for me! :)

    Well, I just wanted to say thanks for the link. I’m extremely bad at ‘thank you’ notes – ask some of the bloggers – and I’m even worse at them when I feel akward – like now – so please accept a simple and sincere thank you! Trust me, when it’s not about “thank you’s” and “sorry’s” I have a pretty big mouth. Your posts might get to witness that and I’m not sure if you should be happy or sad about it. hehe

    I’m happy you agree with me about the ‘question’. ;)


  2. Master Fitz commented on November 4th, 2006:

    Congrats Kay!

    Yes, Spankboss, she talks up a storm most of the time, especially when she’s trying to get herself cyberspanked by everyone in blogland! LOL!

  3. Tiggr commented on November 4th, 2006:

    Damn… first she writes a hot spanking story, complete with plenty of mental “visuals” and then she tops it off by getting a spanking for writing that post. Well, actually she got spanked for that post getting posted here and drawing so many comments for her, poor, poor dear brat in arms… NOT!

    She’s sizzling hot and she knows it!

    Hugs and TTFN,

  4. Ree commented on November 4th, 2006:

    I’m glad that you posted this. It helped me find Kay’s blog and I really like it!! :)


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