There Is No Boogie Man…Spank!

There’s a funny post over at The Punishment Book in which Haron describes how she got spanked for locking Abel out of their house:

We Punishment Book babes get spanked for a variety of reasons, and some times our misdeeds are pretty contradictory. We simply can’t use each other’s experience for guidance. One day I’ll be spanked for working too hard, and then Mija will be spanked for not working hard enough. One day Sparkle is in trouble for not locking the front door – and guess what I get strapped for next.

Abel arrived home the other night to find the front door latched. He doesn’t like this. I always have the latch on, particularly when it’s almost midnight, and I’m alone in the house, but when he’s due to come home from a trip, I unlatch it before he comes back.

Or anyway, I’m *supposed* to unlatch it. Unless I forget. Or put the latch back on automatically. When this happens, I usually hear a crash as Abel tries to open the door, and then some very bad words when he fails.

Only this time, there was a crash – and complete silence. Bad words were mentally provided by me, because I’d suddenly remembered that last time this happened he’d promised me retribution. I wondered whether it would be safer just to leave him outside, but then figured that at some point I’d have to leave the house to get food and stuff, and by that time he’d be really unhappy, so I sighed and trotted to the door.

[Wise decision. -Ed.]

‘You’ll be spanked for this,’ were his first words.

‘Hello to you too,’ I said. I really wanted to explain to him about serial killers, monsters from the outer space, and maniacs who get into your house *just* as you’re about to have a shower, but thankfully I was too tired to say anything witty, so we just hugged and went to bed.

This could happen at our house. Bethie locks everything. I swear, that woman could be alone in the Space Shuttle in a retrograde polar orbit, and when she climbed into that little sleeping shelf and pulled the curtain closed, she’d try to lock it. She claims it’s to keep the “boogie man” out. If you laugh, she explains in all seriousness that “boogie man” is just shorthand for … well, Haron’s list sounds pretty familiar: serial killers, monsters from the outer space, maniacs, whatever.

Me, I don’t even lock my car unless it’s got something worth stealing inside, which is, generally speaking, never. I’m always going SLAM! against something Bethie’s locked for no obvious reason. But I never thought to spank her for it. Hmmm, nice idea!

  1. Bethie commented on November 2nd, 2006:

    No, no, no! Bad idea! I have to lock everything behind me. Besides worrying about all the unseen horrors on the other side of the door, you have to remember I grew up in a big family and if you didn’t lock your stuff up, someone (namely the bratty little sisters) would come right on in and snoop around…not to mention the boogie man. ;-)

  2. Haron commented on November 2nd, 2006:

    Bethie, I love you, you’re a kindred spirit :)

  3. Kayley commented on November 3rd, 2006:

    SpankBoss, laugh all your want, but there IS a boogie man that waits for pretty girls to get in the shower cabin! Just watch all those reality shows and scary movies!

    Honestly, whenever I am alone in the house and I’m in the shower, I start hearing funny noises… All kind of keys and doors being opened and closed… and footsteps. hehe Hmmm, actually, if I remember correctly, I kept once my hubby waiting at the door for an hour, because I was in the shower and I had locked and latched and whatever not the doors. :)

    Nice comment on Haron’s account! :)


  4. SpankBoss commented on November 11th, 2006:

    Sigh. I can’t speak for Abel or Kayley’s husband, but Bethie, I can assure you I’m all the boogie man you’re ever going to need. {evil grin}

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