Making Her Wait, Making Her Sweat

These pictures from Girls Boarding School are something of an oddity, more pre-spanking poses than actual spankings. But they feature a very pretty young lady who’s in a whole lot of trouble: “Take down your pants!”

naughty girl with pants down for spanking

And here you can see that she’s literally starting to sweat:

naughty girl sweating her impending punishment

Let the punishments begin!

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  1. Tom Lemon commented on October 21st, 2006:

    This girl was easily the cutest they had at GBS…looks exactly like Liv Tyler. It appears from her reactions and expressions that she doesn’t realize how cute she is, which makes it that much better.

  2. Mrvyn commented on November 21st, 2006:

    I was present while this film was made, and I have photographed Angie several times. She acted very well and even improvised some suitable dialogue in English. She was due to make some videos with me this autumn, but her new fiance won’t allow it. That’s a terrible shame – good girls are hard to come by. Of course, GBS can’t compare with RGE-Lupus, but some of their stuff is not bad. My first video for them was ‘The Tutor’ – have a look!
    Greetings from

  3. juan ceples commented on December 3rd, 2006:

    Oh yes, she is the cutest girl of GBS. She is very nice, sexy and lovely. She is my favorite one, and this video and photoset show her as no other one does.

  4. PaulH commented on February 5th, 2007:

    Yes she is very cute. Reminds me a little of the actress Gina Bellman. Love the open air paddling that Angie took at GBS, as a punishment for not cleaning the villa properly. Scene starts off with her being sent inside to take down her jeans and fetch the paddle and when she comes outside again she is marched off to a set of stairs and set to work cleaning them on her hands and knees to clean them whilst the paddle gets to work on her bare bottom. Lovely.

  5. dave commented on April 30th, 2007:

    I’m not a big fan of GBS, but this video with Angie is among the best otk videos I’ve ever seen.

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