Spanking Hookup In The Big SUV

Ben writes about meeting a spanking newbie, who, it turns out, really enjoys the experience:

I was recalling an experience I had with a very sweet girl about 5 years ago. I met her online and she was a total newbie. Never been spanked. Not even a swat. But she had one of the most intense spanking fetishes I’d ever seen. She loved to talk about it. For hours.

Finally, we decided to meet. She was a bit uncomfortable with a motel/hotel so we agreed to meet in a parking lot of a major mall.

I had a large SUV at the time and the parking lot was huge. So we decided to meet in the corner away from everything and everyone.

She was shaking. Her mouth was dry. She was stammering.

I moved the back seat back. There was plenty of room. We talked for a while then finally, I took her by the wrist and guided her over my knee. Half way over….she had an orgasm. Earthshattering orgasm. It was beautiful.

She cried tears of joy. She was finally going to be spanked. This is the part where I say be careful what you wish for.

I gave her a very brisk warm-up spanking that had her owwwing and ooching. The I pulled up her skirt and, yep, once again, she came. Big time.

She slumped over my knee as I began to increase the intensity of her spanking. Her legs kicked a bit, she was more verbal “ow, oooh, I’m sorry. That hurt.” etc.

Finally, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and yanked them down. As I palmed her blazing cheeks she trembled once again. I decided that she need a bit more stimulation.

I gave her a very intense handspanking that had her squirming and flaliling away. Promising to be a good girl. Begging me to stop. Yes, we had a safeword, she didn’t want to use it nor did she think she needed to.

By the time I was through, her bottom was crimson…

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