Mistyystar’s Spankings

Just stumbled across a quite new LiveJournal in which college girl Mistyystar gets several well-deserved spankings from her boyfriend. Such as this one:

I got a spanking today for screaming at J. It was kind of childish of me, I warrant. I was upset because he left my computer in his dorm room when I wanted it. So yeah, you think, nothing to fly off the handle about, but I did.

He used my shoe to spank me, and wow, it hurt even worse than the shoe he used yesterday. It’s quite thick and flat. Then it hurt so bad he toned it down a bit, and gave me two smacks with his hand to finish it off. But those hurt too. …..my bottom is even a bit sore. I don’t usually get enough swats for that to happen.

And this one, in Wal-Mart:

J spanked me in Wal-Mart the other day and it was quite embarrassing. I don’t even remember what I did, but he was annoyed so I just said; “spank me.” He turned me toward him then, lowered my jeans just enough so my bare bottom showed, and gave me two hard smacks. They were loud! I went “eek” and kind of yanked my pants up.

From Mystyystar’s Logbook.

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