Too Late To Escape Her Spanking

She missed her chance to escape, and now it’s too late:

Danny flopped his disheveled wife down on the bed, and she immediately tried to get down.

“Where do you think you are going, missy?” Danny asked as he grabbed her by the arm.

“You said if you couldn’t catch me, I wouldn’t get paddled. I’m running away.” Mayye proclaimed, out of breath from the game so far.

“Wrong doll, I already caught you. You lost, and now you are mine. On your hands and knees. Now. Face the window.” Danny ordered.

Once again he securely wrapped his arm around her waist, and gave her a firm yank. He then lifted the hem of her pajama top exposing her pretty purple panties. Danny teased her bottom rubbing it gently with the paddle. He was admiring the red areas below the panty line. Then he smacked her hard, and Mayye yelped. Danny renewed his hold on her, and began paddling her with no breaks. Mayye struggled, but could not budge under Danny’s grip.

Then once again Danny paused and rubbed Mayye’s scorched bottom with the paddle.

“Time for these to come down now.” Danny whispered. He sat the paddle down and slowly began to pull Mayye’s protection, however slight, over her hips and down to her knees…

From Mayye’s Job, found at Hungry Heart, Anxious Bottom.

  1. Theresa commented on October 11th, 2006:

    Wow…I’m honored!

    Theresa (Danny & Mayye)

  2. Paul commented on October 11th, 2006:

    She’ great isn’t she Dan, Theresa I mean known to her friends as the pink one.

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