Spanked By A Guard

I was searching around for spanking tidbits for all of you — yes, boys and girls, this blog does require some putting together — when I found a blog where a young lady is reading one of the Gor books, posting little excerpts with her reactions. It’s kinda fun, so I’ll share with you one of the spanking bits. The blog is BDSM Pandy’s Journal, the post is here, and the book is (I believe) Slavegirl of Gor:

The guard took me and threw me, belly down, on the platform, fastening my wrists over my head and widely apart, in leather wrist straps. He similarly secured my ankles.

I love that position. I also love how rough they are with her.

It was hard to be a slave girl. Men tease you, but, in an instant they may change, and their eyes grow hard. You must be careful what you say, what you do. They hold the power of the whip.

I find this interesting. A lot of times, Adam and I will be joking around, and then suddenly he’ll take something I’ve said as disrespect (whether it was meant to be or not). I guess I need to remember that all joking aside, I am still his slave.

He suddenly seized me by the arms and lifted me to face him.

That was kinda hot.

My guard, however, with a great laugh, seized me and, like a naughty child, threw me across his knee. He then beat me, soundly, with the stinging flat of his hand, until I cried for mercy and wept.

Hehe she got spanked. I love being spanked over Adam’s knee. I don’t know why, but that’s one of my favorite ways to be spanked.

I took the hand of the guard near whom I knelt, and placed it at my waist, slipping his fingers inside the double loop of binding fiber that belted my camisk, that he might hold me.

His fist suddenly tightened the loop, and I gasped, being suddenly drawn toward him.

That reminded me of Adam. I miss him.

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