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Found a new spanking blog today, ShyCindy’s World. It caught my eye for two reasons. First, the “About Me” blurb contains a message that — sadly — too many kinky men, on and offline, need to hear:

I’m 26, cute… and into being spanked. This doesn’t mean I want to be treated like crap, or that I’m meat that lives for your pleasure. Get over yourself!

She also has some fun stuff to say about that old standby, the dollar-store light paddleball paddle:

Do you know those cheap paddle ball toys they give you as a kid? You know, a plywood paddle with a rubber ball on an elastic string? The ones you’re supposed to bounce the ball on as many times as possible-the ones they give you as a party favor at birthday parties when you’re little. I bought one at a local dollar store, and I keep it in my bedside table. When I first bought it, I had all these fantasies about putting the ball inside me, so that I could feel it tug every time the paddle was raised. This was an incredibly hot idea, but once I got it home and examined the item more closely, I realized it couldn’t work. The ball is a lot smaller than I remember it being as a child-I imagined it to be about the size of a tennis ball, but it’s actually smaller than a golf ball. If it were inside me, it would end up dropping right out, if there were the least bit of wetness (which would certainly be happening at the time). As an anal insert, it’s equally inept: the rubber band attaching it to the paddle is very a pitiably cheap and thin string, that even a slight bit of pressure would snap. My medical fetish is not nearly well-developed enough to enjoy the idea of kneeling fanny up, as a team of emergency room staffers fish around with forceps in my rectum. Add to that the fact the string is attached to the paddle with what would be a skin-scratching staple, I detached the entire apparatus (including pulling the staple out with a nail clipper).

As a spanking device, I really love my little paddle. Because of it’s size and weight, it provides a less dramatic spanking than a hair brush or wooden spoon, and because it covers about a third of a cheek with each blow, even a new spanker can wield it with accuracy. Also, it’s great with partners you’re converting to spanking, because they see the child’s toy with the silly cartoon on it, and they don’t have to suffer “spanker’s regret”. It takes several swats before the paddle starts to really sting, and by then they’re either so locked into the experience of spanking someone that they’re too comfortable to stress out about nonsense like if it’s healthy/unhealthy; or they’re never going to enjoy giving you a spanking, and the relationship either needs to be reconsidered, or at least you might need to have a serious talk about what behavior outside of the boundaries of monogamy is acceptable.

My paddle makes a quick, sharp ‘pop’ noise with each hit, and when I’m getting a rapid paddling, the echo of the slaps over-lap each other as they bounce against the walls. In relationships, the paddle is the implement I offer most often for correction of ‘crazy girlfriend’ behavior. After I pass through an episode of being bossy, irritable or hysterical for no known reason, I will regret my irrational mood swings, and set things up so that both my guilt and my partner’s suffering can be exorcised with the paddle.

  1. angel commented on September 30th, 2006:

    Sad but true that many men think that because a woman is in the lifestyle she can be / will welcome being treated in a derogatory manner.

    Master Pepe’s angel

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