Spanking Is Procrastination?

I have, in my time, been witness to some truly astounding feats of academic procrastination, the more epic of which have consumed months of potentially productive effort. But I never thought I’d see the day when getting a spanking (at eight in the morning, no less!) seemed preferable to getting to work:

This morning at breakfast I was cuddling my cup of coffee, convinced I would never, ever be able to type one more word again. Even thinking about going back to work made my eyes water a little bit.

“I can’t switch my brain on,” I complained to Abel.

He looked with me with due sympathy. And then he suggested:

“Maybe you need your bottom switching on? Would that help?”

Oh, I thought, a spanking! Why, that would take me out of the thesis misery for at least 10 minutes! It might even wake me up! I nodded several times with great enthusiasm.

He led me upstairs – by the hand, holding it gently, comfortingly. He sat on the bed and drew me over his lap. I hadn’t got as far as wearing any panties yet (panties at 8am don’t really happen), so he swept up my house dress and started smacking my bottom. It was a light spanking – as comforting as a long hug first thing in the morning. There was just enough sting to create a little cloud of warmth, but not enough to make me regret accepting his offer with so much enthusiasm. Little by little, my bottom was switching on.

But of course, this is Haron we are talking about.

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