Counting Her Spanking Spoons

Dolli has been keeping count of the number of wooden spoons broken across her bottom. Shouldn’t that be a spanking offense?

I only got to be with D during the day for a little bit, and I got a spanking even though I’m super sick humph! “Being sick is not an excuse for being a brat” is the lesson.

I kinda knew I had it coming just ’cause I’ve been in such a bad mood lately. We have this weird spatula thingy…I don’t really know what it is for but it’s some sort of heavy duty kitchen utensil with a metal handle and a plasticy flat piece with a big hole in the middle that serves as a replacement for the number of wooden spoons D has broken over my bottom. (which is 4!)

I probably would only have gotten a few smacks but I made it difficult. I ran away and I kicked and yelled. I said a lot of things I didn’t mean. I ended up having to lay on my back on the couch then D held my legs up with one hand and spanked me with the spatula with the other…

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