Spanking Etiquette

In which Bonnie, channeling Miss Manacle, lays out the ten proper rules for a mannerly spanking. I’ve violated at least five of the ten:

Spankings seem a rather coarse activity to Miss Manacle, but she is assured that the participants are both willing and enthusiastic. Accordingly, we will henceforth not speak of these concerns. Assuming then that spankings are to be desired, there are a number of very common sense tips that can help to make our sessions more pleasant and harmonious.

1) As with any social function, a spanking should be initiated through an invitation and accepted with an explicit response. This arrangement helps to eliminate the possibility of embarrassing misunderstandings. The traditional engraved parchment may now be considered optional.

2) Always line up your implements neatly and work from the outside inward. There is simply no excuse for picking up a salad spoon during the main course.

3) During most spankings, it is necessary to expose skin that is not normally visible in polite society. In order to preserve some semblance of dignity for the person so revealed, editorial comments regarding shape, firmness, or color should be strictly avoided.

Bonnie, somebody needs to tell Miss Manacle about barbarians!

  1. Bonnie commented on September 14th, 2006:


    People who lecture the rest of us about good manners always crack me up. Many of their rules seem arbitrary and anal retentive. They practically beg for parody. Why not then, a spanko Emily Post?

    Telling Miss Manacle about barbarians is a funny thought, but who’s going to call the EMTs to defibrillate her?

    Thanks for the mention!


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