Spanking: The Best Sleep Aid?

Spanking helps Cuddlybum sleep:

Then we went to the park for Mardi Gras, and bought this HUGE paddle. Its about three times the size of the other one, really, really heavy and so much worse to feel, but felt oh so lovely when we tried it out at the hotel that night when we were all pissed!!! The belvoed was scared of hurting me, but it jsut felt great and happy and really helped me sleep.

Then I was beggin for a spanking again before we left the hotel so I got another one – still not a too ahrd one, but enough to leave my bum red last night when I got home!!! Then the long drive back to home and feeling all depressed cos it’ll be Friday before i can have his arms around me again and his hands (and that new paddle!!) on my ass again…….

Hey, whatever works!

  1. cuddlybum commented on September 10th, 2006:

    Hey what can I say – it got me all relaxed and happy – which was needed!!!

    maybe I should get him to read that post again and remind him of that! lol – glad you liked it!


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