Friendly Spanking

First she watches Secretary with her best male friend. And then she lures him into giving her a friendly spanking:

As we were hugging one last time (supposedly), I said, “Lee’s boss really wasn’t spanking her quite the right way, though.”

“No?” said my friend.

“No. See, pure force isn’t the thing. It’s anticipation, and it’s force paired with pleasure. Like . . .” I took a chance and drew his hand down to my ass. With my hand over his, I rubbed softly and then squeezed. “Like this, first, and then . . .” I picked his hand up and brought it back down against me, hard. I gasped a little, even though I’d been expecting it. I used his hand to squeeze me again. “And then a caress to make it feel better.” Then I had him smack my ass once more. “See?” I said, and I could tell I was just the slightest bit breathless. “It’s not knowing when it’ll happen, it’s the pain and the pleasure together, it’s not knowing which will come next.”

“Uh huh,” he murmured. His hand was still on my behind, rubbing me oh so gently. We hadn’t broken the hug; I had my arms around his neck, and, god, I knew what I wanted. Was it coming? Would it happen?

It did. Smack! His hand cracked across my ass, hard, and I yelped. There was no intervening caress this time; he followed that blow with another, and another. I tightened my arms around him, pressed my face into his chest, and just let it happen, the smacks and the squeezes, hard and harder and soft and hard again. I was moaning and gasping and clutching him, finally begging, “Again! Again!” I could feel the orgasm building, and when I finally came, it hit me so hard that I would have slithered bonelessly to the floor if his other arm hadn’t been around me, holding me securely, throughout it all.

  1. HLiven commented on September 5th, 2006:

    Man, I wish she was *my* friend!

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