Paddle Punishment

In which Slave L gets a paddle spanking for failing to remember a simple task (well, simple but for the element of public exhibitionism), and then thanks her master properly, after:

i wondered on the way home if Master would comment about my disobedience and initially i thought He was going to bypass it but when were laying in bed He asked why i had not done as He’d told me and as ridiculous as it sounded i could only answer that i’d simply forgotten. He asked if that was really the case or if i’d just been too nervous but it was in fact forgetfulness, it had slipped my mind completely until He’d brought it up. He told me that forgetfulness was not a good reason and to bring Him the wooden paddle. i returned to the bed and offered Him the paddle, He told me that i was to have 10 strokes with it, i was to count them, thank Him and then ask for the next one, all audibly, oei the latter was the biggest problem.

Kneeling on the bed i waited for the first, the wooden paddle is probably the nastiest one He has but it can also be pretty cool if He doesn’t use it too hard, what would it be today? The wait is always horrible, part of me just wants Him to start, to feel whatever it is that He has in store for me, the other part wants to flee in fear. That usually only lasts as long as it takes to feel the first stroke, then i’m totally lost to Him and the sensations He causes.

When it finally came the first lash was harsh and took my breath away, it took me a moment to recover enough to be able to thank Him and ask for the next. i’m not sure if its the element of shock that always seems to make the first one so severe, today was no exception to that, each following stroke seemed less painful. What did surprise me was that instead of waiting until the pain had fully ebbed before asking for the next as i usually do, i heard myself asking while i was still trying to deal with the last stroke. Then came the final one, i heard Master ask which it was, i told Him the last, He replied “and you know what that means don’t you?” i did, it would be the harshest of all, and it was, and in spite of knowing that there was no way that i could brace myself for it.

my arse was still burning as i laid my head on Master’s shoulder, as He held me He commented that maybe that would help me not to forget the next time. i felt how He gently guided my head down to His rock hard cock and as i took Him into my mouth i felt how He slid His fingers inside me stating how soaked my cunt was.

  1. Naughty at Heart commented on September 18th, 2006:

    Here is an interesting implement for you. Its got a HELL of a lot of sting to it, doesnt really break, and is nice and light so you dont have to worry about bruising. My backside has met this baby a few times, and lets just say, i try to avoid encounters. We have several, and while they are great for cooking, i cant seem to “accidentally” break the blasted things.

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