Latex Gloves And Oil Spanking

For a first OTK spanking, this tale of latex gloves, spanking, baby oil, and “whatnot” is amazingly adventurous and hot:

So I came downstairs after J and he was sitting on the sofa, there was a bottle of baby oil on the table. Oh a massage I thought- nice. He was sitting on his hands and told me to come and stand in front of him. I did and he pulled out his hands to reveal latex gloves :-). He then patted his knee and told me to lay over them. So I did thinking he was going to massage my hip as it had been very painful all day.

The next thing I yelp out loud as his hand comes down hard on my arse! He gives me a really hard thorough spanking! I cry out again and again but he doesn’t stop. He continues smacking the same spot over and over. My feet and fingers can only just touch the floor. This is the first over the knee spanking I have ever had. I haven’t even been naughty!

After a while I start to feel a change in myself, as my tension is released and I sink into the spanking. It hurts, really hurts and i can feel the burn. Jeremy tells me my bottom is very red and asks me if I’m enjoying it. i tell him yes I am but that it really hurts. ‘Good’, he says!

He seems to know to keep going, to attend to my bottom with the required amount of spanks and with enough pain to take me to where I need to be. After a long while he stops and I feel the cool softness of the oil being poured onto my bottom. It stings! he rubs it in, round and around my buttocks, gradually getting firmer. It hurts where he pinches and probes on the very sore spot but this only adds to my now great need!

His fingers dip down and find my pussy, he grabs it whole in his hands and rubs it hard and fast. He is rough then gentle. His fingers covered in gloves and oil slide into my very wet cunt. It is so good. I moan and lift my arse as best I can towards him. He takes a buttock in each hand and spreads me wide. In thie position i am embarrased. Being over his knee and then having him spank me was embarrasing no matter how much I wanted it or enjoyed it and now having him open my arse like this causes me to blush deepply. I feel very much controlled. His fingers go back inside me and I explode on them.

From Getting Wet.

  1. robeach commented on October 20th, 2006:

    Perhaps J would apply the baby oil first, fingering your pussy well, then use a leather belt.

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