Alternative Punishments

It never fails to amuse me when I read of a spanko woman being “punished” by non-spanking means, because a spanking would be enjoyed too much. Not that I have a punishment relationship with Bethie, but when I do want to make a threat she’ll take seriously, I generally manage to come up with an implement she doesn’t enjoy so much, or to convince her I’ll use it more vigorously than she’d enjoy. Other guys do it differently, and some of them are very creative:

The Punishment:

*sighs* then Sirius says, “well, let’s get moving. we have a punishment to deal with…” see, the Roomie has given Sirius a little nickname. now, not being Sirius’s sub, the roomie can get away with it. i can’t. it’s not a very respectful nickname, for one, and when k and i first used it, we were immediately told not to. okay…

later this week, when sirius was on the phone, i felt like maybe he wasn’t paying attention to me (to be fair driving with one’s family isn’t really the least distracting of circumstances… so i did something very unwise. i called him the nickname, thinking he most likely wouldn’t hear me. i was wrong. “i heard that…” he said, and immediately i knew it was a BAD idea. i was informed that i was in REAL trouble.

did he spank me? oh no… i would like that too much, he says. he did something more appropriate, he said. and i’ll say i think it was awful. see, while Sirius and theRoomie sat inside and caught up with each other and played Munchkin (a magic-type card game that parodies D&D that i really would have liked to have played WITH them), i got to make the Cruiser all sparkly, inside and out. in the dark. by myself.

it is very doubtful that i’ll ever let THAT name escape my mouth, whether he’s around or not!

And that’s how Subbie_bunny got punished.

  1. mikki_rosie commented on August 16th, 2006:

    wow… i’ve been off the computer for a little bit, but it always surprises me when someone like you or mija or abel and haron link to something i’ve done or posted about…

    *makes a face*

    that nickname will never see the light of day…

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