Running Away From A Spanking

This is never a good idea, but it’s often fun:

Up a tree or in the Rott kennel? Which is safer?

I go for the tree and am almost high enough to be out of his reach when he yanks on the bottom of my pajamas! DIRTY POOL!

My jammies come down! He laughs. I am mortified and I tell him he’d better eat out for the rest of the week.

“How dare you!” I yell.

“Easily,” he laughs.

“There are laws against this,” I tell him.

“Not in my house,” the giant squid retorts and a couple of hard swats later, covers my bare bottom with his excessively large paw… er, hand… and we go back into the house.

Unfortunately, I still have the sniffles.

“Where were we?” he asks as he gives me one of those smug male grins.

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