More Dungeon Punishments

This must be dungeon week. I’ve been enjoying the offerings from Pain Gate of late, because they’ve taken to putting together some excellent historical punishment tableaus, complete with dungeons, whips, nettles, switches, and cute girls:

pretty girl menaced with a switch

evil bastard prepares nettles for her poor bottom

over a barrel for dungeon whipping


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  1. Ian commented on March 16th, 2006:

    Wonderful three shots, first the neverous girl unable to protect herself, and lastly a beautiful bottom, legs nicely spread for her treatment, or further treatment. Nice arse already showing some strokes.

    Those girls with hands high must be wondering their own fate.

    keep up the good work.

  2. McGillicuddy commented on March 17th, 2006:

    Nice closeup showing a fine offering of select distaff gluteal integumentary real estate, in the early stages of its acreage having been visited by a proper dose, which seems to have produced sequential bands of liquid fire…

  3. Sarah commented on May 14th, 2006:

    Nice pics…but what is he doing to the girl in the second scene there?

  4. SpankBoss commented on May 15th, 2006:

    Menacing her with stinging nettles, looks to me.

  5. Ian commented on May 15th, 2006:

    Hi Sarah, Your answer is probably preparing to put those nettles on a very sensitive spot, possibly in a forceful maner before the caning – who knows but wonderful pictures

  6. Sarah commented on May 15th, 2006:

    Nettles? Oh my… *blush* Thanks for the 411 ya’ll!

  7. jessica commented on May 16th, 2006:

    Even better — put the nettles on the barrell, just where her mound and tummy will go if she flinches. She’ll be straining to push her behind… well, BEHIND — leaving her bottom even more open to the spanking!


  8. Ian commented on May 16th, 2006:

    Excellent idea Jessica, have you been there or just a nice dream? She would surely rise to the spanking as you say

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