Spanking The Moll

Here’s an excerpt from a nifty spanking story called “Cards” by ContinentalOP. It’s a sort of “gangster’s moll suffers ennui, gets passion spanked back into her” sort of thing:

He bent down enough to take the hem of her dress in his fingertips and drew it upward, exposing her shapely bare calves, then her sculpted thighs, and finally the perfectly rounded bulb of her ass, a pair of white cotton panties clinging to those curves. He draped the fabric of her dress neatly at the small of her back, the material rustling like a muted echo of shuffling cards. Without pause, he hooked his two thick forefingers into the elastic waistband of her underwear and pulled downward with a sharp, sure tug, peeling them away and letting them catch at her knees. He heard a high keening sound, and thought he could make out the words “omygodomygod” in a sotto voce from high in her throat.

Her womanly scent hit his nostrils and he got another electric jolt, felt from the top of his spine to his balls. The old, nearly forgotten part of his mind was surprised at the smile spreading across his face. After straightening up, he walked across the room to the radio console in the corner.

“About time we had some music in this house again.” He turned the dial and tuned in a music program. The tubes warmed up and strains of the Ellington band’s “Caravan” permeated the room, the sinuous melody somehow echoed and amplified Maude’s drawn-out whimpers, and Will felt the rolling syncopated beat pound in time with his heart. His smile widened and he turned the volume knob higher.

He walked back across the the table slowly and deliberately, and took up his former position standing behind her and to one side. Finding her quivering back starting to bunch up again, he firmly touched her spine with his hand and clucked a disapproving “tsk.” It was enough to make her flatten her back again.

When a growling trombone solo started, he said darkly, “The four of diamonds… You know how to count to four, don’t you dear?” and pressed the palm of his hand casually against her left ass-cheek, holding it there warmly, molded to the curve.

There was a real choking sob then, and he felt the muscles in her butt clench, her body go rigid. He waited to the end of the trombone solo.

“I asked you a question.” His voice all gravel and mud.

“Y – yes,” she squeaked out, then hissed in a breath.

“Then count with me, Maude.” The distant and still receding part of his mind marvelled at his new mind’s easy composure and self-assured mastery as he raised his hand and flashed it down onto her left cheek sharply, the crack of flesh of flesh pinging off the room’s clapboard walls.

Thanks to Pirate for sending in the link.

  1. Bianca Flier commented on May 13th, 2006:

    Great Story.

  2. Frost Walker commented on September 26th, 2015:

    Is there a more current link to the story? Current link goes to a dead sight.

  3. SpankBoss commented on September 26th, 2015:

    Doesn’t look like it, Frost. Nine year old link, and Internet Archive doesn’t have a backup (or rather, they can’t show it due to LiveJournal robots.txt). No other copy of the story in Google, so I think we’re just boned. :(

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