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Once or twice before I’ve posted excerpts from spanking books (you know, the old fashioned kind, printed on paper with some sort of lurid illustration on the cover?) by Silver Moon Books. They’ve long been my favorite spanking books publisher; it’s not great literature but their spanking and BDSM scenes are well imagined, typically very severe, and usually quite hot. Thus, I was delighted to discover recently that they’ve got a full online-catalog and will also (if you don’t like to wait) sell you many titles in e-book formats. Their catalog makes for a fun browse!

Here’s an excerpt from Controlling Catherine by Elena Gregory:

I knew without being able to see, that my clitoris was swollen and throbbing desperately. Knowing my own anatomy I was convinced that it was standing out overconfident and begging for attention. Nick avoided it; I am sure, knowing that if he so much as touched it I would explode.

The crack of leather through the air brought me back to my senses and shot the fear of God through me. I tried to get my hands in a position to protect myself but they just waggled about pathetically. That encouraged him further and I made a mental note to try not to flap about because it only encouraged him.

Just as the first blow of the slapper landed across the stretched cheeks of my bum Nick touched my clit. He didn’t stroke it or massage it but just held it in place to diffuse the pain from the leather on my bottom. It nearly did.

I stopped begging Nick not to hit me at that stage but it was a while before I realised it. I wanted him to continue with his other ministrations and he knew exactly how to balance it. Each time he whacked me he would do just enough to take my mind off it a little. Gradually though the weight behind the spanking intensified and the manipulation of my clitoris stayed the same.

It was so frustrating being unable to move. The pain sizzled through my thighs as he slapped them, and my bum flinched helplessly as he moved his blows about. I was so completely vulnerable. I actually felt my flesh jiggle with each blow and the fierce tight heat spread from the back of my knees to my sex. Sometimes a blow would land, catching the edge of one of my clamped lips making me scream but when it did Nick would soften it with his clever caressing of my aching clit.

Just when I really felt I could take no more, when my tears had soaked into my hair and I was sobbing continuously, I perceived he was slowing down. He must have spanked me at least one hundred times. To begin with I had counted in my head, striving to reach that illusive forty, but we had left that long behind.

I heard Nick grunt in exasperation and throw away whatever he had been spanking me with and his hand took over. There was something much more intimate about being manually spanked; the warmth of his hand and the way it cupped over my flesh excited me and had the effect of dulling the pain quite a bit. Well, perhaps dulling it isn’t the right description. It transferred it into something more pleasurable and infinitely more bearable.

He co-ordinated his spanking hand with his other hand. And even though he did it as hard as he could, the pleasure-giving hand wormed its way inside me and pumped in and out in time to the sharp slaps, increasing my excitement to fever pitch. I as a person ceased to exist. I was reduced to just a bottom and a cunt. The clips bit into me just enough to distract and the spanking took every ounce of my control to bear but the exquisite feeling as Nick stroked around my fat clitoris and then dipped his fingers inside me grew and grew.

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