Indonesian Whipping

I don’t include many historical punishment scenes on Spanking Blog, because I’ve got no particular desire to celebrate real, actual, nonconsensual whippings et cetera. The fantasy of nonconsensuality (often in historical contexts) can be hot as hell, but the reality presumably wasn’t, not for the unlucky victims anyway. However, I’m sometimes inclined to make an exception for lurid old postcards, because the scenes depicted on them are almost always staged for the photographer, and/or heavily edited by the card publisher or hand colorist. Cognizant that lots of spankos enjoy a good “whipped in the public square” fantasy, I’ve got no problem sharing this detail from an old postcard that purports to show an Indonesian judicial whipping, but which (in all likelihood, though we can’t know for sure) shows a scene ginned up for the photographer who wanted to sell postcards:

postcard of an indonesian whipping

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