She Likes It Rough

From Tangy Sweet, this description of how she likes it rough:

When he’s had enough kissing and fondling, he forces me up and guides me to lay face down, pillows supporting my hips, and my arms straight out in front of me. He forces my knees apart, exposing my cunt for his pleasure. He’s feeling rough tonight, I can tell.

I really don’t mind.

At the crack of his open hand against my ass, I jerk in surprise. The first one is always that way. The next makes me wiggle and complain a bit. The one after that warms my ass, makes it tingle, radiates into my pussy. After that the feel of his palm against my ass makes me gasp, makes me moan, and makes me wet. He never spanks me hard enough to cause the kind of pain I want to scramble away from, only enough to make me squirm and redden my skin. It’s an oddly “clearing” kind of feeling, being at his mercy this way and trusting him with everything I am. It’s enough to sweep my mind of everything but him.

The flat of his palm on my ass gets my attention, you might say.

My ass sufficiently pinkened and aching sweetly, he sinks his fingers deep inside my cunt and thrusts until I’m pushing my hips back toward him, wanting it harder and faster. He gives it to me.

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