Spanking His Schoolmarm

So Swan came home from school one day and got a paddling. Her students would have been so scandalized to see their teacher upended with her dress up:

I was barely through the door, still laden with all the bags and junk that we teachers tote around with us, when He had me by the hand and was dragging me into the house. I did manage to get my lunch bag dropped off in the kitchen, and wiggle out of my coat before He dragged me off to the bedroom.

In the blink of an eye, He’d tipped me over the edge of the bed and had whacked me a couple of cracks with the Hanson paddle that He obviously had placed close at the ready. Yelping, I squirmed out of the way, completely unprepared for the suddeness of it all. Without a moments hesitation, He grabbed my wrist cuffs and a strap for around my knees and proceeded to restrain me.

That calmed me some and centered me into the place of a more quiet acceptance of what was coming. Stacking up some pillows, and now pulling up my “school marm” dress, He dumped me back onto the edge of the bed. This time He did give me the gift of a warmup, spanking me thoroughly with His hand until I could feel the heat rising through my tights (He does love it when He catches me wearing tights). Then it was back to the paddle, and this time I was caught. He’d been promising for weeks that there would again come a time when He’d spank and not worry about whether I liked it or not. I suspect this was the commencement of that reassertion of His place.

I begged. I yelped and cried and hollared and squirmed. He went right on. It was, with the exception of the warmup, entirely His pleasure that was being served.

  1. Bottom4vr commented on March 30th, 2006:

    If only it were true or rather come tru for me. Nice story, thanks.

  2. Kitten's Wishes commented on April 2nd, 2006:

    Ohhh…I love it I love it…more more more!

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