Yet Another Caning Fan

Here’s another vote in favor of the cane, this time from Lisa. It seems she quite enjoyed her first caning:

I mentioned earlier I bought some new toys for Edward’s toy box. We had tried out all but the cane the first night they came in and well last night we tried out the cane.

He fondles my pussy a little more and then reaches for the toy box once again. I can’t see the box because it is behind me so I haven’t a clue what he is about to grab and then he strikes me. It is like fire line across my bottom. I wasn’t sure at first but after the third stripe of fire across my bottom I knew he was using our new cane. It was wonderful I must admit, the feeling was electric, first I heard the smack and then I felt the fire run across my bottom. He paddled me good with it and I squirmed and yelped and when I was about to stop him cause I couldn’t take any more, he stops and puts cold lotion on my bottom to help take the sting out.

  1. Edward commented on March 28th, 2006:

    Ya I had to sneak up on her with the cane but she liked it when I was done!

  2. Ian commented on March 29th, 2006:

    Nice story Lisa, sounds as though your looking forward to your next caning as well

  3. Edward commented on March 30th, 2006:

    We played again last night,I think she realy likes the cane.The next morning she was giggling about the stripes on her butt!Do I need to use it harder?

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