A Whipping For Pleasure

Found over at A Taste Of The Birch, this excerpt from a spanking novel called Two Flappers In Paris. Nice use of the old “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit!” line:

As soon as we had entered the whipping room, the Madame left us to the tender care of Rose, who alone had accompanied us. My little friend invited us to be seated and then said ‘I must tell you, young ladies and monsieur, that it is a condition of the house that no visitor may enter the whipping room without receiving a whipping. It is a tribute which must be paid. Now with which of you shall I begin?’

Evelyn and Nora, crimson with embarrassment, declared that they would be much too ashamed to be whipped in front of a man.

At this Rose laughed heartily.

‘Really?’ said she ‘Perhaps you are afraid that Uncle Jack would be shocked at the sight of your charms! If that is so, you may banish all fear. Monsieur is no novice, I assure you! He has seen many a whipped bottom. And I don’t mind admitting that he has seen mine dancing under the rod not so very long ago!’

‘But’ cried Evelyn ‘it must hurt terribly!’ Rose’s laughter increased.

‘Not at all, not at all!’ said she. ‘Please remember that we are here for our pleasure and not for our pain! Don’t be alarmed , young ladies, and make up your minds to go through with it. One thing is certain, and that is you will not leave this room without having had a whipping!

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