Paddles Are For Spanking

In her most recent weekly column, Mistress Matisse fielded a question about what to do when your hand gets sore before the spanked bottom in question does:

Good lord, darlin’, do you not know about paddles? I feel your pain here—I’ve played with people whose behinds were so tough that the old saying, “This is going to hurt me more than it does you” was literally true. My hand would be red and sore afterward, and they’d be saying, “You know, you could spank me longer and harder next time.” Ow.

And yes, some of these people insisted that they didn’t like paddles or other implements, just bare-hand spanking. Perhaps that’s what you’re hearing as well. To these people I say: “I will spank you bare-handed until it becomes uncomfortable for me, and then if you want more—guess what, we’re using a paddle.”

Too right!

  1. Marcus commented on March 18th, 2006:

    I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. Master Jack commented on March 18th, 2006:

    I, too, have spanked with my hand only and have sometimes been a little frustrated over being unable to spank my little naughty one to tears. To redness, sure, to handprints on her bottom, yes. Even to bruising, which I did not intend and which alarmed her when she saw her bruised bottom in her full-length bathroom mirror. But not to tears.

    I have sometimes wondered about using a light paddle. I think a ping-pong paddle might work well. I think with short, “snappy” strokes a ping-pong spanking could bring a young lady to tears very quickly and to heartfelt sobbing shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, I would think the severe stinging sensation on her tender cheeks would cause her to squirm delightfully in my lap. I could take my time and spank her at a leisurely pace with very little exertion on my part, but for whatever effort may be required to hold her fast down on my lap while the stinging drives her crazy.

    I want the redness, the stinging and the tears, and of course the earnest heartfelt promise to be good and to obey me evermore. What I don’t want are blisters, welts or bruises on her tender bottom. Perhaps someone with experience in wielding a ping-pong paddle against the tender cheeks of a naughty lady could advise me if I have the right implement in mind.

    Master Jack

  3. Peter Wearn commented on March 18th, 2006:

    Dear Master Jack,

    Get yourself a leather “sole” or a good hairbrush and you will soon get the tears without bruising or deep marks and give your poor old hand a rest.


  4. irelands_girl commented on March 18th, 2006:

    If I may make a suggestion, Master Jack? Though paddles, hairbrushes, and other implements can certainly deliver a more severe spanking, I think you might want to focus on the emotional side of the experience. If you are using spanking as discipline, a serious conversation with your girl will certainly heighten her emotional state, and pausing throughout a discipline session to give her verbal reminders of her transgression (and also, if I may timidly suggest, your love for her) will probably be more effective in bringing about the tears than simply spanking her harder. Just my humble opinion. I hope you don’t mind it.

  5. mikki_rosie commented on March 18th, 2006:

    my Ashke spanked me on my recent visit, and the objective was to bring tears. i must regretfully admit that handspanking, (though it was a very long and indeed a hard one) did not achieve the desired results. so i have to say that what he did was perfect.

    i do like the cane. (yeah i know, i’m crazy, right?) but under the right circumstances, i will not only NOT cry, but moan, squeal, and eventually shudder deliciously under it. however, the entire atmosphere changed when he decided to “step up” the spanking. his tone shifted. his demeanor became more stern, less giving, and definitely more heavily authoritatian. i WAS naughty, i WAs going to get caned, and HE was going to do it until he felt i’d had enough.

    he didn’t tell me how many. i can usually take at least six, no problem, but his take-charge, incredibly FIRM attitude made me tremble inside, and i was in heavy tears before the fourth stroke fell.

    as i said, he didn’t tell me how many i was going to get, so i had no point to brace for, no breakthrough number to count toward in my head… i was sobbing by the time the last stroke (Only six!) landed, crying everything out so heavily that he had to help me stand from my touching-toes position.

    i will have to honestly say that i am not one of those people for whom a handspanking is enough. my Ashke could beat his hand raw, and i’d probably go, “oo.. that was a little sharp, that last one!” but his attitude and proper implement usage always gets through…

  6. Master Jack commented on March 19th, 2006:

    I have read and appreciate the comments in response to my post about wanting to spank to tears without blistering or leaving welts or bruises on the dear derriere. I would still, however, like to hear from someone who has spanked or been spanked with a ping-pong paddle as to what the results were like. As I said, I am sure the sting factor of a thin wooden paddle is far greater than the tendency to blister. And I think in administering a “good” spanking, “the sting’s the thing.”

    I especially appreciate the thoughtful, understanding comments of Irelands Girl on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Her emphasis on the emotional aspect of a spanking shows, I think, a good understanding of why this subject is one of such enduring fascination for adults. I hope Irelands Girl continues to contribute to this forum and, if I may be so bold to suggest, I would appreciate hearing from her or others interested in this subject directly, at

    Thanks for your helpful comments, folks. Love well and spank mercifully.

    Master Jack

  7. irelands_girl commented on March 19th, 2006:

    Thank you, kindly, for your friendly words, Master Jack. Having spoken my mind on what I believe is most important, I am happy to answer your question about the use of a table tennis paddle as a spanking implement. It does indeed deliver a tremendous sting, and will not leave any lasting marks even if used with a moderately heavy hand. When choosing implements, “sting” is probably more effective than “thud” because you may use these implements significantly longer and there is far less risk of them leaving behind the marks you wish to avoid. Any implement that is lightweight and has a wide point of impact will redden without bruising.

  8. Master Jack commented on March 20th, 2006:

    Irelands girl seems so polite and thoughtful it’s hard to believe she has ever needed to be spanked herself. Do your observations about the “tremendous sting” of the table tennis paddle come from personal experience, IG?

    If so, I would like to read about that experience of IG and others. In my reading about spankings on the web I only rarely have come across an account or even mention of a spanking with a ping-pong or table tennis paddle.

    The wooden spoon will, I am sure, sting a great deal as well, but I have read that it has a tendency to blister. Peter Wearn in his reply to my first posting suggested a hair brush, but again I would think a wooden hair brush would leave welts or blsters. He also suggested a good leather “sole.” I confess my ignorance here, Is that like the sole of a shoe?

    Also, leather paddles are something I have wondered about. Perhaps, to use Irelands girl’s terminology, a leather paddle would give more “thud” than sting. Still they look fearful. I would think a good submissive who is experiencing a temptation to be naughty might be brought back in line by merely being required to look at a leather paddle and to contemplate the fire it could start on her fanny. But if she is herself “into” spanking, that might not work. I guess if a spanking is to be punishing for a “spanko,” she has to be spanked beyond the point where she thinks its fun. But I would still want to avoid blisters and welts. Am I being too squeamish?

    Thanks, everyone. I welcome further comments.

    Master Jack

  9. irelands_girl commented on March 20th, 2006:

    Thank you, Master Jack. Of course I am so rarely naughty that I may only comment on the use of the ping pong paddle from distant, distant memory. A paddling with this lightweight implement is highly unlikely to leave marks (other than the temporary redness), and I can also assure you that the sting it delivers leaves a rather memorable impression. In my case, I believe that a spanking for disciplinary purposes would likely be about 50 swats with the paddle, in 5 groups of 10, with time between each round during which there would be some discussion/scolding.

    By contrast, a wooden spoon or hairbrush, used with a heavy hand, will certainly leave impact welts and/or bruises, particularly the spoon because it is so small. When comparing the area with that of a paddle, you can certainly see why the difference exists. A leather paddle, like a wooden paddle, is unlikely to bruise because the point of impact is so much wider. I shan’t go on about preference as I do not exactly what effect you are trying to achieve. ;)

  10. Pagan commented on March 29th, 2006:

    Master Jack, I have often been the recipient of a ping-pong paddle, although not recently.

    I personally find them to be so light as to be all but useless, and I don’t believe that my tolerance is that great. Moderate, perhaps.

    If you are in the US, might I suggest that a visit to Cracker Barrell is in order? Their tournament paddle ball ‘toy’ is enough to make an impression on the most stalwart of bottoms. My husband does not actually discipline me, but a solid paddling with the CB has caused me to offer a heartfelt “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” a couple of times. Not, perhaps, significant…unless you realize that we confine ourselves to erotic spanking, and he is not looking for an apology. ;)

    It also tends to leave a distinct ‘paddle burn’ sensation afterwards, if applied with any degree of enthusiasm. Rather like a carpet burn on a more tender part of one’s anatomy. Nothing like the delicious reminder than one has been recently well-spanked by her man.

  11. Kitten's Wishes commented on April 2nd, 2006:

    Master Jack,

    I feel that I have some information that perhaps might assist you in your quest for the perfectly spanked toushie.

    My fiance and I created our own lightweight leather paddle for our use. We took one of those children’s paddles (you know, the little wooden paddle that has a rubber ball attached to it via a bit of rubber string?), sanded it down quite carefully, then took some leather, and attached it via glue to both sides of the paddle, including the handle (for the comfort of both).

    Having thus lovingly made our implement (and a pleasure it was for me to watch him do this, I might add – such a nice squirmy senstation of anticipation), we proceeded to try it out…with vim and vigor…and much fun therefrom. The paddle, light as it is, gives a *very* stingy sensation that cannot be denied. It is used best, as I believe Irishgirl stated, in set of 10-12, with several rounds. There is no lasting effects – it leaves no marks….but you are very aware that you have been spanked. It does wear off fairly quickly if used moderately That, for us, at least was the real enjoyment – one could be spanked repeatedly with it, and depending on the strength behind each whack…the spanking could be made to go on as long or as short as one desired.

    I do hope this has been of use to you,


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